The Night I Made Gnocchi With Nicole Miller In Her Penthouse

Spencer Cain
The Night I Made Gnocchi With Nicole Miller In Her Penthouse
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One of the perks of being in the media industry in New York is the fabulous events we attend on a regular basis. But nothing has ever been as awesome as what I attended this previous week. Firstly, the location was particularly unique: Nicole Miller‘s penthouse.

Yes, the Nicole Miller. The same iconic designer who designed my Bar Mitzvah suit, which I of course told her. She was more than gracious, and insisted that my glass of wine be replenished at all times. Myself and a few other bloggers were gathered for the first edition of Nicole’s Table, with chef Anna Bioardi, the scion to the Chef Boyardee empire. She’s broken away from the Boyardee mold, and I didn’t want to tell her that I keep an emergency stash of Beefaroni on hand in case of emergency.

Anyway, they both chatted us up with tales of their adventures in the culinary and fashion worlds, and we made some delicious food:phyllo dough cups with brie and apricot jam (I died), penne pasta with sauteed tomatoes and onions, garlic, pecorino, and parmesan cheese, and gnocchi.The gnocchi recipe and many more can be found in Bioardi’s cookbookDelicious Memories.

Click through the gallery above for a look at my night at Nicole’s TriBeCa penthouse.

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