6 Times Sofia and Nicole Richie Were the Most Relatable Celebrity Sisters

6 Times Sofia and Nicole Richie Were the Most Relatable Celebrity Sisters
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We know the Kardashians. We know the Hadids. But do you know the Richie sisters, Nicole and Sofia? Despite their 17-year age difference, Sofia and Nicole have a lot more in common than you think. Just take a look at one episode of Nicole’s show, “Candidly Nicole,” and you’ll see how wickedly funny, ridiculously entertaining, and immensely relatable the Richie sisters are.

And though Nicole has been in the spotlight for years (we learned of her crude-yet-hilarious sense of humor during her “Simple Life” days), we’re only starting to get to know Sofia. To prove that the Richie sisters could be Hollywood’s next It-family, we rounded up six relatable moments from “Candidly Nicole,” where Nicole and Sofia give the Hadids, Kardashians, and Jenners a run for their money. Check them out, below.

1. When They Grilled Their Dad on Whom He Thinks Is Prettier

If you have a sibling, you know that sibling rivalry doesn’t end until your parents pick a favorite. To end the debate once and for all, Sofia and Nicole sat their dad, Lionel Richie, down to grill him on whom he thinks is prettier. The discussion started with which one Lionel thinks has prettier hands. When he couldn’t decide—complimenting the cleanliness of Sofia’s nails and the boldness of Nicole’s nail polish color—the argument got heated. To escape from a potentially dangerous situation, Lionel ended with: “This is where I back out as a father. Goodbye, everybody. Good seeing you. Thank you very much. Goodnight,” he said.

2. When Nicole Tried to Kill Sofia by Choking Her

What’s the point of having a younger sibling if you can’t (softly) beat them up a little? Nicole knows this well, which is why when she and Sofia went to a mixed martial arts training session with professional fighter Miesha Tate, she had one goal in sight: kill her little sister. (Not seriously, of course.) At one point, Nicole had Sofia in a choke hold and asked Tate how to cut off her air supply. When she did the move Tate instructed her to do, Nicole asked Sofia if she was breathing. “Kind of,” Sofia replied, to which Nicole said, “She’s always breathing. It’s so annoying.”

3. When They Teamed Up to Drag Their Dad About His Texting Behavior

The only people siblings love to tease more than each other are their parents. Because they don’t understand why their dad uses seven exclamation points and all caps in his texts, they sat him down for an intervention on his texting habits. They instructed him that, at most, two exclamation points are fine if he wants to convey yelling. (“Five is like, ‘I’m screaming at you!'” Sofia said.) They also told him to stop using all caps, especially when he’s asking them mundane questions. “I’ve gotten like, ‘HOW’S YOUR DAY!'” Sofia said.

4. When Sofia Taught Nicole What ‘Turnt Up’ Means

Nicole isn’t a regular big sister. She’s a cool big sister. To learn the lingo that the kids use these days, Nicole sat down with Nicole and a few of her friends. She learned that words like crunk and gnarly were no longer in style. Instead, turnt was the preferred term if she wanted to express how wild a party was. (This was in 2013, so other terms may be preferred now.) Sofia also instructed her big sis on what homie hopper means, something that Nicole later tweeted her enlightenment about. “I like a boy and then I date that boy’s best friend a year later,” Sofia explained.

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5. When Nicole’s Dad Accidentally Called Her Sofia

The worst thing parents can do is call their kids by their sibling’s name. This happened when Nicole and Sofia joined their dad in his backyard to help him trim his bushes for Father’s Day. Amid the gardening, Lionel turns to Nicole and asks her, “How you doing, Sof?” Without skipping a beat, Nicole responded, “My name is Nicole.” Lionel tried to recover by saying, “Nic. I’m sorry, Nic,” but the damage was done. “And I’m doing a great job,” Nicole icily responded.

6. When Nicole Pretended to Be Sofia’s Mom So She Could Get a Piercing

The best part about having a sibling almost twice your age is being able to pretend that they’re your parental guardian. When Sofia wanted to get a piercing behind her dad’s back, she recruited Nicole, and they headed to the piercing shop. When the employee told Sofia that she needs a parent or a legal guardian to sign a consent form for her, Nicole volunteered. “I’m her mom,” Nicole said. What a homie.