Nicole Scherzinger Calls Private Video Leak ‘Horrible’ & ‘Unbelievably Mean’

Nicole Scherzinger
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An intimate video of the former X Factor Judge and her ex-boyfriend Lewis Hamilton was leaked online in mid-February.  Now, Nicole Scherzinger is responding to the sex tape release, saying the leak was “horrible” and “unbelievably mean.”

Scherzinger and Hamilton dated for seven years before officially calling things off in 2015. The video showed the two of them kissing and cuddling for two and a half minutes. Scherzinger is, understandably, extremely upset. It’s a complete violation of privacy and not something anyone should have to deal with.

“I genuinely don’t understand why someone would do something like this, or why they would leak it,” the 40-year-old singer told The Sun. “It’s an unbelievably mean thing to do.”

Hackers put the video online on February 16, 2019. At the time, a source told The Sun that Scherzinger was “heartbroken that such footage has found its way online.” The source was right. And Scherzinger is completely justified in feeling hurt. This social media age makes it so difficult to keep things private that should remain personal. Hackers are horrible and should not be allowed to release videos that, like the source said about Scherzinger’s video, were “never intended for the public domain.”

On March 1, another source told The Sun that the couple is really upset about the breach and determined to find out who did this. “Nicole and Lewis were horrified at the breach, and want to get to the bottom of it. They want to know how the hell it got leaked.”

nicole scherzinger Nicole Scherzinger Calls Private Video Leak Horrible & Unbelievably Mean


nicole scherzinger lewis hamilton Nicole Scherzinger Calls Private Video Leak Horrible & Unbelievably Mean


lewis hamilton nicole scherzinger Nicole Scherzinger Calls Private Video Leak Horrible & Unbelievably Mean

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This isn’t the first time a celebrity has fallen prey to the dark pit that is hacker heaven on the internet. Back in 2014, Jennifer Lawrence and other high profile public figures dealt with a leak of many private photos in a major iCloud hack. We’re sure it was particularly upsetting for Lawrence, who already keeps here life fiercely private. She doesn’t have Instagram or Twitter for that very reason.

Jennifer Lawrence at the 2018 Oscars

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A hacker from Connecticut was charged with hacking into over 250 iCloud accounts. Most of the accounts were all linked to Hollywood stars.

The charge against 26-year-old George Garofano stemmed from the investigation into the 2014 iCloud scandal. Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton and others were all affected by the breach.

Fortunately, Garofano was rightfully convicted. No one should be a able to get away with something like this.