Nicole Richie Launches New Web Series, Wants Her Tattoo Removed ASAP

Meghan Blalock

For those of you who remember Nicole Richie from her hilarious days on “The Simple Life,” she’s baaaaaack! Although she’s been on television as a mentor on “Fashion Star,” it’s not quite the same as the amazing one-liners she consistently delivered alongside Paris Hilton’s once-iconic “That’s hot.” And now the one-time reality star has just launched her own web series, “#CandidlyNicole,” on AOL; and for the first episode, Richie takes on that most annoying of life decisions: the lower back tattoo.

“It just means a certain thing, and I just don’t want to be a part of that group,” Nicole says. “I was 16 and an idiot and didn’t want my parents to see, you know? But I’m not that girl.” She goes on to reveal the giant cross on her lower back and asks how much it will hurt her to get it lasered off. The tattoo specialist then compares the sensation to being burned by the splatter from cooking bacon, which garners an uncomfortable, blank stare from Nicole.

Watch the rest of the clip—including a funny interaction with a fellow patient in the waiting room that references Justin Timberlake and a conclusion that’s quite surprising—above!

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