Nicole Richie Stays Up All Night For The Sake Of Fashion

Spencer Cain

Nicole Richie is the ultimate exception to every rule. While many fashion folk tend to laugh off all celebutantes who have achieved some level of success with their clothing lines, everyone pretty much respects Nicole Richie. Not only has she proven that she gets down and dirty for the sake of her line, but her designs are actually so adorable I can’t even begin.

Many of us first came to know her from that time she drove the wrong way down the 405 /starred opposite Paris Hilton as Ditz #2 on The Simple Life. And now she’s making her grand return to TV — and this time it’s not for anything goofy. She’lll join designers Jessica Simpson and John Varvatos on NBC’s new reality show, Fashion Star.

Apparently she brought her great work ethic to the cast, as WWD reports.”At times we were in the design studio working all through the night,” she said. “I would find myself changing [outfits] over and over again to keep my energy up and feel inspired.”

And she’ so grateful for her success, she’s ready to share it with others. “I am looking forward to having women and men across America not only getting to know these incredibly talented designers but also getting to buy their designs,” she said. “It’s something that has never been done before.”

The show debutsMarch 13 on NBC. Are you excited?