How To Take The Perfect Selfie: Tips From Nicole Richie

Spencer Cain

We’ve already expressed our love for Nicole Richie‘s new web series “Candidly Nicole,” where the former trainwreck reality star turned glamorous mom and fashion designer dishes on some seriously relatable topics like regret over tattoos and the complexity of family relationships. But her latest episode is sure to strike a chord with a way larger audience, as it deals with something on all of our minds: Selfies!

The art of the selfie is a difficult one to master, and with the outrageous popularity of iPhones and Instagram, there are bound to be plenty of major missteps from your friends and family on your timeline—so Richie’s tips are more than welcome. Not only does the 31-year-old share some of her personal tips, she calls in an expert, fashion photographer Andrew MacPherson, who reveals that shirtless pictures are never okay, and that Sepia is a total copout.

Our personal favorite rule is one of Richie’s own, who prefers a slightly dimmer tone in her Instagrams. “Everything is better in the dark. That’s why people bone after clubs,” she says, knowingly.

Before you make another selfie snafu, watch the video above and let us know your favorite tidbit of advice!

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