How To Style Your Coffee Table Just Like Nicole Richie

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We want to be like Nicole Richie in a lot of ways—That hair! Those clothes!—and her taste in decor is, of course, no exception. The star recently posted several photos of her perfectly styled coffee table on Instagram, and we were instantly smitten. Perfectly stacked coffee table books? Check. The celebrity object du jour, an orange Hermès tray? Check. Cool accent pieces in spades? Check, check, check.

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Photo Via Instagram.

Luckily, nothing about Richie’s coffee table look is actually that difficult to copy. Here’s what you need to get Nicole’s coffee table look in your own living room.

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format orange tray How To Style Your Coffee Table Just Like Nicole Richie

Photo Courtesy of CB2

1. Start your coffee table off with a bright lacquer tray, right in the center of the table. 

Sure, the lacquer tray in the center of Richie’s coffee table is Hermès (and undoubtedly quite expensive), but any lacquer tray in a bright color will more than suffice. CB2’s Format orange tray ($39.95; available at CB2), is a fraction of the price, and just as chic.

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2. Surround the tray with four perfect stacks of coffee table books.

The key to Richie’s coffee table is the four sets of perfectly stacked coffee table books surrounding that luxurious-looking lacquer tray. Because coffee table books can be quite expensive, look for options in second-hand book stores, thrift stores, and even flea markets, so you don’t have to spend a ton to get the look.

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Photo Courtesy of C. Wonder

3. Add in fun decorative touches, like colorful ashtrays.

Richie has a colorful, oversize ashtray as a focal point on her coffee table. You can get the same look with C. Wonder’s animal rectangular ceramic plate ($38; available at C. Wonder), or pursue antique stores to find something else that feels really unique and eye-catching.


Photo Courtesy of Etsy

4. Pile on texture, like fur or shearling accents.

Richie uses a scrap of shearling as a killer accent piece on the top of her coffee table. Wondering where on earth you can possibly buy a small piece of fur? We found scraps of mink on Etsy ($20; available at Etsy)—a great way to achieve a similar luxe look, for a lot less.

Photo 2066

Photo Courtesy of Diptyque

5. Finish with candles to add ambience to your coffee table—and the entire room.

Richie clearly has a thing for candles, and who can blame her? When in doubt, opt for Diptque standard size candles ($60; available at Diptyque), which both look and smell great. Don’t feel like you have to limit yourself to just one! We count at least two candles atop Richie’s coffee table.

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