Move over Lady Gaga–Fashion wiz-kid Nicola Formichetti might be working with Sanrio's Hello Kitty on an upcoming collaboration.

Is Nicola Formichetti’s Next Design Muse Hello Kitty?

Susie G

Who would of thunk it?

Looks like Nicola Formichetti, the stylish creative whiz kid behind Thierry Mugler and UNIQLO (plus BFF-slash-stylist of Lady Gaga), will be taking his kawaii counterpart called “Nicopanda” to collaborate with the legendary Hello Kitty.

News of the possible collaboration leaked this morning when Formichetti tweeted an Instagram photo at 6:45 AM EST, where he is seen holding up two plush toys along with the text, “Nicopanda x hello kitty [sic] coming soon. Kawaii!!!”

The two plush toys feature one Hello Kitty doll wearing a Nicopanda headwrap, and the other one being a Nicopanda doll wearing a Hello Kitty headwrap.

Even though there seems to be a rack of garments behind Formichetti in the shot, with one them featuring a pretty legit looking Hello Kitty print, we’re still trying to gage if the Instagram photo was taken in an office (maybe at Sanrio?) or just at someone’s domicile/studio space who just happens to be crafty at making DIY Hello Kitty creations.

While we’ve reached out to a Sanrio-related contact and are still waiting to get an official word on this possible collaboration, we’ve got our fingers crossed that this is seriously, seriously, seriously going to happen.

For all you Hello Kitty fans out there, we highly suggest that you start bothering Formichetti on all social media fronts, like ASAP.