Nicola Formichetti Shows What It’s Like To Prep For A Show

Liz Doupnik

We’re starting to wonder where reality TV ends and the fashion industry begins. Can we get enough of all this backstage, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks? Absolutely not. But, we’re also wondering if this hunger to share all with the world will ultimately destroy part of the fantasy in which fashion shows are firmly rooted.

But hey, regardless, we’re super stoked that Nicola Formichetti is in the midst of sharing with the world all the preparations for Thierry Mugler’s (where he acts as the Creative Director) men’s show. Think fittings (we’re secretly hoping that Lady Gaga will make an appearance to support one of her BFFs), designs and a whole lot of drama.

Not only can you be a fly on the wall, you can help curate the collection. An online community has been built via Facebook and Twitter where you can add your two cents. With the show scheduled for 6 p.m. on Wednesday, we’re sure the stress will only escalate, but we also can’t wait to check out the post-show interviews and showroom appointments being filmed as well.

If you ever wondered what the fashion industry is really like, now’s your chance kiddies, so hop on it.

Photo courtesy of Sipa.

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