Did Nicky Hilton Really Dress as Her Sister for Halloween?

Lindsey Lanquist
Did Nicky Hilton Really Dress as Her Sister for Halloween?
Photo: JB Lacroix/GC Images.

For most people, last-minute Halloween costumes involve throwing together a black-on-black ensemble and hastily grabbing some kind of spooky accessory—say, a pair of cat ears or a witch hat. For Nicky Hilton, however, it simply meant raiding her sister’s closet.

On Friday, Nicky showed up to a Halloween party clad in a slinky, sparkly gold mini dress—one that looked just like the slinky, sparkly lavender mini dress her sister, Paris, wore in 2002. Nicky topped off her look with a thick diamond choker, matching diamond cuff, sparkly pointed-toe pumps and an even sparklier tiara—accessories that, you guessed it, matched those Paris wore with her mini dress in the early aughts.

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The most fascinating part of this? It doesn’t seem like Nicky actually raided Paris’ closet for her costume. Her dress was a different color—and cut. Not only did Nicky’s come in gold rather than lavender, but her hemline was cut straight across, whereas Paris’ featured fabric dangling from the left side of the hem. Nicky’s halter strap was also thicker than Paris’, and it was rendered in fabric instead of a dainty chain.

Not to mention, Nicky’s accessories weren’t identical to Paris’. Paris’ choker was thicker, her tiara smaller and her cuff crafted from lucite instead of crystals.

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So Nicky didn’t just dress up as her sister for Halloween—she literally bought a costume to do so. This wasn’t some haphazard, last-minute DIY situation; it was premeditated. She decided to dress as her sister for Halloween, and she literally purchased the sartorial ingredients required to make that happen.

Undoubtedly iconic, sure. But there had to have been a more efficient way to go about this, right?