Looking for a hot bikini for summer? Get inspired by Nicki Minaj's latest video!

Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” Sets Bikini Trend for Summer 2012

Deanna Clevesy

After much anticipation, Nicki Minaj finally released her  “Starships” music video! So put down those teaser photos of her backside rolling around in the sand and watch the new video here.

“Starships” depicts an alien invasion of only most divalicious dancers in some of the most fly neon numbers we have ever seen. Not to mention, we couldn’t take our eyes off of Nicki booty popping her way towards total world invasion in that little hot pink bikini and lime green wig (how does she do that?!)

“Starships” is not only a catchy song, but it has also confirmed the major neon trend for summer 2012…BTW, the booty bouncing part is still optional.

Click through the slideshow for cute suits inspired by Nicki’s “Starships” video debut…prep your neon, ladies!



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