Nicki Minaj Covers Teen Vogue, Compares Music Industry To High School

Meghan Blalock

nicki minaj cover 01 Nicki Minaj Covers Teen Vogue, Compares Music Industry To High School

Rapper and outspoken “American Idol” judge Nicki Minaj has bagged another magazine cover: she appears on Teen Vogue’s June issue (on newsstands May 21) for which she wears a Vivienne Westwood Gold Label corset, a T-shirt by Chris Benz, and a Carrie Bradshaw-esque tutu. Speaking to the magazine’s loyal young readers, Nicki talks about everything from conquering bullies to her first feeling like she fit in.

“I was a jokester. I let everything roll off my back,” she says. “I always felt like I had other things going in my life outside of school, like church and extracurriculars—I was even on the softball team. I let people know I wasn’t going to be pushed around. What it came down to is that the bullies wanted me to bow down to them. And I just wouldn’t. [High school] was the first time I felt like I really fit in. Everyone there was creative. For once, I didn’t feel like there was something weird about me.”

Apparently, though, her memories at New York’s famous LaGuardia High School aren’t all fun and games; Minaj goes on to paint a rather negative comparison of the music business to how teenagers often treat each other. “People treat this business like it’s high school. It can absolutely feel like one big popularity contest, and you know what? I can’t be bothered,” Nicki says. “I can’t allow myself to play ridiculous games with grown adults in the industry. I can’t be nice to someone just because they’re hot right now. I can’t do it.”

Head over to Teen Vogue to read more excerpts from the interview before it hits stands on May 21, and tell us: what do you think of Nicki’s Teen Vogue cover?

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