Nicki Minaj Slammed for Posting Photoshopped Picture of Herself as a ‘Sexy’ Pocahontas

Nicki Minaj Slammed for Posting Photoshopped Picture of Herself as a ‘Sexy’ Pocahontas
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Last week, Nicki Minaj tried to #breaktheinternet with her Paper magazine cover, a NSFW image showing three Photoshopped clones of the rapper performing oral sex on one another. Now, the 34-year-old rapper is stirring up controversy for a different reason.

On Friday, a couple days after her Paper cover dropped, Minaj shared several fan-made interpretations of the cover on Instagram, asking her followers which should be hung in her house. Among them was a cartoon version of the cover replacing Minaj’s face with Disney’s interpretation of Pocahontas, complete with the character’s signature blue necklace. In her caption, Minaj declared the version as one of her frontrunners to frame in her Barbie room.

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The post immediately sparked backlash, with many critics lambasting Minaj for sexualizing a child rape victim. The history of Pocahontas tells the tale of a Native American girl who was kidnapped by English colonizers, sexually assaulted, and used as a liaison between the colonizers and indigenous people in America.

Given Pocahontas’s history, many on the internet slammed Minaj for making light of her story and remaining silent when called out for it. Some also accused the rapper of inciting racism against Native Americans with her post.

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As of publication time, Minaj has yet to respond to the backlash, but we hope that she listens to the comments and in responds in some way.