Nicki Minaj, Barbra Streisand, Gaga & More: 4 Decades Of Similarly Dressed Divas

Spencer Cain

Nicki Minaj has recently gotten a lot of flack for allegedly “copying” Lady Gaga‘s style. In fact, she even addresses the controversy on the last track of her latest album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. On “Press Conference,” Nicki talks to her listeners, informing them that there should be no comparisons between her and Gaga. I completely understand where she’s coming from. While each artist is certainly known for their flare for the eccentric, they have both fought to set themselves apart from the status quo.

The always thought-provoking Amy Odell published a piece this morning that highlighted the fact that the costumes performers wear on stage these days are merely the beginning of their perfectly crafted images. In order to maintain audience appeal and secure a spot on best (and of course worst) dressed lists, they must go above and beyond, even when merely stepping out to lunch. You would never see Nicki Minaj in a velour sweatsuit and a pair of Air Jordans. Maybe four years ago, but now that her star power has skyrocketed, Nicki is expected to leave the house in an Alexander McQueen bustier, a pair of tights and gravity defying creations from Giuseppe Zanotti.

My favorite point from Odell’s article was that Minaj and Gaga are merely two of the high-wattage divas whose provocative and outlandish ensembles have garnered attention. She reminds us that even forty years ago, the trends that celebrities don today were alive and well. In celebration of the almighty diva, let’s take a look back at their signature style in the gallery above (and please take note of the fact that it doesn’t change all that much)! I’ve included a performance and a red carpet outfit from each performer for your reference.