Help Us All: Nicki Minaj Has Made Her Acting Debut

Meghan Blalock

In a world where Nicki Minaj stars alongside veteran funny ladies Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, anything is possible. The rapper, who has been busy designing her collection for K-Mart, has officially made her acting debut, in the trailer for “The Other Woman,” a girl-power comedy that’s set to come out next April.

The movie tells the tale of a powerful businesswoman (Diaz) who falls in love with a man only to discover he’s married (to Mann). Through a strange turn of events, Diaz and Mann’s characters end up bonding over the experience and becoming bosom buddies, and Minaj is there every step of the way as Diaz’s faithful and guiding assistant. Check out the trailer below.

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While it’s clear Minaj’s acting definitely leaves something to be desired, there’s also an annoying tendency for black women to be typecast as the street smart “you go girl” assistant to a white woman’s more dominant position as boss who is somehow still in desperate need of real-world advice (think Queen Latifah in “Stranger Than Fiction.”) And we have no doubt that Minaj probably signed on to this at least partially as the result of a substantial financial offering, but it’s still a bit disheartening to see her reprise a somewhat tired trope.

Another fun fact: It-model Kate Upton also stars in the film. Watch the trailer above and see if you agree with us!

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