Nick Woosters’ 5 Picks For 2012

Laurel Pinson

Nick Wooster, the dapper gentleman afficiando of the menswear land, has released his 5 picks for men’s fashion for the upcoming year. He sat down with GiltMan to share his perspective on the direction for design in the upcoming seasons. We couldn’t be more excited. As we read more and more of the article, our jaws kept continuing to drop. We’ve said it twice and we’ll say it again — menswear is doing some really interesting things these days.

Wooster’s 5 menswear picks for a healthy and stylish wardrobe include prints — and lots of ’em. The kiltie shoe? Yeah, not just for the golf course. You’ve also got options for sunglasses this year, gents. You can either take it the classic aviator or just go ‘balls to walls’ with some funky shades. Military style isn’t going anywhere. Lastly, tailored clothing for everyone — specifically, he wants you to be the lad in plaid.

You may be a little apprehensive when with overloading prints and taking your golf shoes off the course is considered “in” this year. However, trust. If anyone knows what they are talking about, it’s Nickelson Wooster.

For more menswear tips and news you can follow the man here, or check out his tumblr — it’s pretty sick.

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