Fans Think Nicki Minaj Is Pregnant After Her Husband Called Himself a ‘Dad’

Nicki Minaj
Photo: Getty Images.

Mama Minaj? Fans think Nicki Minaj is pregnant due to a video on her Instagram that shows her husband, Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, rubbing her stomach and calling himself a “dad.” Hmm. Let’s investigate.

The video was taken on Nicki and Kenneth’s private flight to Trinidad and featured the rapper’s husband caressing her midsection as Nicki turned her head for the camera. “On the way to Trinidad with your dad,” Kenneth said in the clip.

As expected, the video caused Minaj’s comments section to go crazy with fans wondering if she’s expecting her first child. “Girl are u pregnant or not?” one user wrote. Another added, “”She pregnant 100%. No man rubs ur belly like that if his baby ain’t in it.” One fan was confident that Nicki is expecting double: “It’s twins sis, I can feel it in my left toe.” Still, there were other users who wished that the rapper had different news: “That better be a new album he’s rubbing in that stomach 😭.”

The “Anaconda” rapper confirmed that she and Petty wed in secret in October. She told Entertainment Tonight at the time that, though she’s a married woman now, she plans to have a formal ceremony with her husband soon. “We got the marriage license, now I just have to wait until my pastor that I love comes and does it for us,” she said. “The big wedding and all that stuff, that will happen, but just not at this moment.”

She continued, “When I was little, I always imagined princess and marriage and the wedding and now it’s more to me about the life, the future, the love, the partnership, than the wedding. [It’s] so strange cause I didn’t expect myself to be one of those people who didn’t care about the hoopla, but I really don’t.”

If the wedding is still set and the pregnancy rumors are true, Nicki has an exciting year ahead for herself.