Nick Jonas to Release Solo Album


I don’t really follow much news on the Jonas Brothers because I’m not thirteen-years-old or creepy. However, this bit of news was interesting to me: Nick Jonas–the kiiiiiind of hot one. No, that’s Joe. The other one–will be releasing a solo act album under the name “Nick Jonas and the Administration,” according to his mom Denise Jonas in a recent Parade interview. Did she later add on, “And he’s so handsome…”?

Mrs. Jonas was also bubbling over about 21-year-old Kevin Jonas‘ fiancée Danielle Deleasa. The two were engaged in July after Kevin took an overnight flight from Vancouver to Deleasa’s New Jersey home to propose. Mrs. Jonas went on to say, “Danielle, bless her heart, is from a great little Italian family. She is everything I ever prayed for and hoped for Kevin.”