Priyanka Chopra Has So Much ‘Hope’ For Future Kids With Nick Jonas & We Do Too

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas
Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images.

Ever since they got hitched, everyone’s been wondering when these two are planning to have children. And now conversations about Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra having kids after their anniversary have only started to intensify, as they just celebrated a year of marriage together. For what it’s worth, Priyanka decided to open up about her plans to have kids with Nick—but don’t expect babies anytime so soon.

In a conversation with PEOPLE on Dec. 3 at the 15th Annual UNICEF Snowflake Ball in New York City, the 37-year-old actress and philanthropist chatted at length about her love for children. “They’re what this world is going to grow into,” she said to PEOPLE. “If I ever want to have children, I want my kids to grow up in this world which is better,” Priyanka shared, “I want my family to grow up in a world which is better for the other children in the world.”

Ok—let’s note that Priyanka did say an important word there about her future kids. “If I ever want to have children,” to be exact. And honestly, who are we to tell a woman that she needs to make that decision quickly? Priyanka and Nick just got married; besides, as far as we’re concerned, Priyanka can take all the time in the world. She’s on her own timeline, and for now, she does appear content with the philanthropy efforts that she’s already involved in.

“They are learning to live life. They need to depend on people to take care of them,” Priyanka added. “Children are not adults, they’re supposed to be provided for in certain things and there are so many children around the world that don’t have the basic things that we take for granted,” she told PEOPLE.

Not taking her life and love with Nick Jonas for granted, the actress did seem to admit her desires to have kids when PEOPLE followed up with a question about family. As for whether she thinks her future kids will be talented like her and Nick, and responded with, “I hope so!”

There you have it. We can settle on “hope” for now, no?