WTF—Nick Jonas Was Groped During A Jonas Brothers Concert In LA

Kristen Martin
Nick Jonas

After Lady Gaga fell off stage from being picked up and dropped by a fan, I thought I had seen the worst of concert behavior. Apparently, that was not the case as Nick Jonas was groped during Jonas Brothers concert (LA).

During the Happiness Begins Tour, things got uncomfortable when a fan rubbed Nick’s leg and caressed his butt during an LA performance on October 21. The fan was given several warnings by security, but she continued on. And it wouldn’t be 2019 if we didn’t have a video to accompany the allegations. 

Another fan captured a video of Nick performing alongside his brothers Kevin and Joe. They are standing on a narrow stage with fans surrounding the front and back of the performance area when a fan reaches from behind Nick to caress his legs. Security immediately tells the fan to stop, but once the guard retracts a bit, she reaches for his butt and then begins to caress his other leg. At that point, Nick motions her to stop and turns around to confront the violator.

Many fans reacted to this disturbing video. Here’s what they had to say:  

“Nobody should be doing that at all it makes it very uncomfortable for the other fans as well as the band performing on stage,” one user said. Another fan wrote, “Actions like this is never acceptable, not to anyone. What did she think would happen, he would turn around and say thank you for violating me! Oh, ‘wait for me, my wife is home, but we can hang after this!’ If men shouldn’t do it, you can’t either!”

The video is super short, but long enough to see how uncomfortable Nick is after pausing his performance to address the violator. 

We think this Twitter user said it best, “#KeepYaHandsOffThePerformers It’s sad just because people pay tickets for shows, they feel entitled to touch em etc. Yet forgetting that’s assault if you wanna be specific.” No meet and greet comes with a meet and grope! #KeepYaHandsOffThePerformers.