Here’s if Love Is Blind’s Danielle & Nick Are Still Together & Where They Are Now

Nick, Danielle, "Love Is Blind"
Photo: Ser Baffo/Netflix.

As one of the strongest couples from season 2, viewers want to know if Nick and Danielle are still together from Love Is Blind season 2 and what happened after the cameras stopped filming.

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl are two of 30-plus contestants on Love Is Blind season 2. Love Is Blind, which first premiered on Netflix in February 2020, follows 30 men and women over the course of 10 days as they speed-date in “Pods,” where they can talk to each other but not see each other. During the 10 days, the couples can decide if they want to get engaged—still sight unseen. After the proposal, the couples meet face-to-face for the first time and go on vacation at a resort in Mexico, where they learn more about each other and meet the other couples. After the trip, the couples, who all live in the same city, return to the real world and move into an apartment together as they meet each other’s families and friends and prepare for their weddings. At the altar on their wedding days, the couples must decide whether to marry or breakup as they answer the age-old question of if love can be truly blind.

Since the premiere of Love Is Blind, the show has become one of Netflix’s highest-rated series, with more than 30 million views in its first two months.”Across the world, everybody feels the same way: Everyone wants to be loved for who they are on the inside. It doesn’t matter where you live, what you look like, how old you are, what your background is, which class you know, or social structure you feel like you’re a part of, everyone wants to be loved for who they are,” creator Chris Coelen told Variety in 2020. “In today’s society we’ve got all these ways to find love through dating apps and technology. Those things sort of counterintuitively have made people feel disposable. They’ve made people feel like it’s all surface level. It does the opposite thing it was supposed to do. So we thought, what if we took everybody’s devices away, how could we get them to focus on connecting with other people?”

Coelen also told Variety about how the connections on Love Is Blind was based on choice, which is why the relationships were that much stronger. “It was incredibly scary because nobody had to do anything, versus a show like we do Married at First Sight, you sign up and you know, you’re getting married to a stranger. Here, nobody had to do anything. It was if you find someone, if you choose. Which is so scary. They don’t have to go through with the wedding ceremony,” he said. “But assuming they found someone, could that love overcome any judgment in the real world? That’s an incredibly fascinating question. And that’s what we set out to try to examine.”

So are Nick and Danielle still together from Love Is Blind season 2? Read on for what we know about where Nick and Danielle from Love Is Blind season 2 are now and if their blind connection lasted in the real world.

Are Nick and Danielle still together from Love Is Blind season 2?

SPOILER: Are Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl still together from Love Is Blind season 2? The answer is no. Danielle, a 29-year-old associate director in marketing, and Nick, a 36-year-old vice president of product marketing, met and got engaged in The Pods on Love Is Blind season 2, and married at their wedding during the finale. They were one of two couples to marry from Love Is Blind season 2, along with Jarrette and Iyanna. So…are Nick and Danielle still together from Love Is Blind season 2? The answer is yes. TikTok user @zacharyreality confirmed that Nick and Danielle are still together after he ran into them at an NBA game in February 2022 and took separate photos with them. “Met them separately,” he wrote in a comment.

Of course, Nick and Danielle didn’t have an easy relationship on Love Is Blind season 2. During episode 1, Danielle and Nick bonded over how both of their parents are divorced. “There’s been a long history history of divorce in my family. There has been no relationship that I’ve witnessed that has been successful. That’s going to be my fear. Am I going to be following in the footsteps of everyone else in my family?” Danielle said. Nick then revealed to Danielle that his parents have been divorced since he was 5 years old. Danielle then opened up to Nick about how she’s been hurt in past relationships. “I’ve been in relationships where the guy ends up making me feel insecure. I was dating a guy who every time he was laying beside me in bed, he’d scroll through his phone and all I would see were these girls who were not me. I would get so in my head about that,” she said. Nick and Danielle also bonded over their weight issues as kids. Danielle revealed to Nick that she lost 70 pounds. “I didn’t even want to tell you that. I’m so scared about communicating it because I don’t want people to think, ‘What if she gets back to that?’ It’s something I’m constantly insecure about,” she said. Nick then confessed to Danielle that he also was “chunky” as a kid before he got into his health in college.

Nick and Danielle got engaged at the end of episode 1 and were the first engaged couple shown on Love Is Blind season 2. They met face-to-face and went on a retreat in Mexico like the rest of the engaged couples. The first cracks in Nick and Danielle’s relationship was seen in episode 5 when Danielle, who didn’t go to a cocktail party with the rest of the engaged couples because she had food poisoning, confronted Nick for attending the event without her. “You looked like you had fun,” Danielle told Nick, confessing that she watched him from her hotel. Nick then clarified that he was only talking to another woman at the party about “capitalism” and their conversation wasn’t anything to be worried about. “It’s not that I don’t trust you. I do. It’s just that I don’t like situations that are not gonna make this work. Like today,” Danielle said. “This stuff is gonna cause big issues.” Danielle revealed to Nick that, in her three hours alone, she sat in the closet of their hotel, locked the door and cried because of how in her head she was. The fight becomes more explosive as Nick leaves because he doesn’t feel heard. “You’re acting mad at me and you’re being toxic and you gotta stop. You’re not making an active effort to stop the toxicity,” he said. The following morning, Danielle apologized to Nick for her reaction that night. “Typically, we’re really good at communicating and it’s never really heightened to this level before. It’s an eerie feeling. It’s a new feeling and it sucks,” Danielle said in a confessional interview. Nick added in his own interview, “If we met in real life, and we had an argument like we had last night that early on, it wouldn’t have worked. But because we have these strong communication skills that we built in The Pods, we’re able to come back from something like that. I feel like our bond grows stronger and stronger.”

During their wedding in episode 10, both Danielle and Nick said “I do” and got married. Danielle filed for divorce from Nick in Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois in August 2022, a month after they celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary. The filing also came a month before Netflix premiered’s season 2’s Love Is Blind: After the Altar special, which saw Danielle and Nick still married and together.

In a video on her Instagram Story in September 2022, Danielle slammed fans who claimed she wasn’t emotional enough on social media over her split with Nick. “It’s funny when people are like, ‘How are you so happy?’” she said at the time. “Would you rather have me post an Instagram Live of me crying for eight hours straight, because I can do that if you want [me] to! That’s my reality.”

She wrote in another Instagram Story post, “Can barely see out of my eyes from crying. I deal with these situations like anyone else. Sending love to all.” In another Instagram Story video, Danielle joked that she could post more content of her dealing with her split from Nick if her followers request it. “If you would rather have me sit here posting Stories, sobbing, I could easily do that. It’s what I spend most of my days doing,” she said. “But I do cry all of the time. I cry easily. I cry when I’m happy, I cry when I’m sad. But who wants to see that? Come on.”

In an interview with STYLECASTER in July 2022, a month before her split from Nick, Danielle revealed that she and Nick were still trying to “date” again after they stopped filming Love Is Blind. “Because of the condensed timeline, we’re trying to almost date,” she said. “You’re married and you’re living together, but there are certain aspects of your lives you didn’t get to experience. We want to make sure we’re able to experience those before we talk about [the future].” She continued, “We want kids together. I’m still envisioning what they look like in my head and how much fun we’re going to have at their tee ball game. “It’s cool to be able to envision those things, but we’re also taking our time.”

Danielle also revealed at the time that she and Nick still had a lot to learn about each other. “We’re still learning each other’s communication styles and getting used to that and speaking a different language,” she said. “We are pretty different, but I also don’t have to focus on insecurities I’ve had in past relationships, whether it be weight loss, whether it be mental health, whether it be the dandruff I’ve had. There have been past relationships where I did have to care a lot about that stuff and now I’m finally with someone who not only doesn’t care about it, but supports me in all the anxieties and insecurities I have around certain things.”

Who is Nick from Love Is Blind season 2?

Nick, "Love Is Blind"

Image: Ser Baffo/Netflix.

Who is Nick Thompson from Love Is Blind season 2? Nick is a 36-year-old vice president of product marketing from Chicago, Illinois. Nick’s Instagram handle is @nthompson513. “Humanist. Love is Blind S2. Product & Brand Marketing. Cold Brew Coffee. Bears. Bulls. No GMO’s. Be Relevant,” his Instagram bio reads. After he was announced as a cast member on Love Is Blind season 2, Nick posted a headshot of him from the show on Instagram, along with the quote: “I’m kind of a neat freak.” He captioned the post, “It’s been quite an experience looking for love, many times in all the wrong places. Now I am excited to invite all of you to join me on my journey to find out if love is blind when Season 2 of @loveisblindnetflix premieres on February 11!”

According to his Linkedin, Nick has worked as the vice president of product marketing at Mediafly since August 2021. Before that, he worked at Tacton for two years. He started as the director of product marketing before he was promoted to the vice president of product marketing and eventually to the vice president of marketing. He was also a senior band marketing manager at Zoro US and had roles at CDW and PCNation. He graduated from Full Sail University with a bachelor of business in 2010. He also an associate of arts in business administration and management from Harper College in 2008, where he was the editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper, Harbinger.

Who is Danielle from Love Is Blind season 2?

Danielle, "Love Is Blind"

Image: Ser Baffo/Netflix.

Who is Danielle Ruhl from Love Is Blind season 2? Danielle is a 29-year-old associate director in marketing from Chicago, Illinois. Danielle’s Instagram handle is @dnellruhl. In her Instagram bio, Danielle quotes a line from Michael Scott from The Office: “I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” After she was announced as a cast member on Love Is Blind season 2, Danielle posted a still of her from the show on Instagram, along with the caption: “who am i smilin about??? find out feb 11 when LIB premiers ☺️😬 @loveisblindnetflix @netflix.” She also posted a clip of her and Nick, in which she tells him about “wine Danielle,” from episode 1. “who is ready to meet wine danielle on feb 11 😬😬😬” Danielle wrote in the caption.

According to what seems to be her Linkedin, Danielle graduated from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2015. She also was a marketing intern at Clover Technologies Group. According to an interview on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s website, Danielle’s hometown is Ottawa, Illinois, and she was a member of the American Advertising Federation and the Alpha Phi sorority. In the interview, she revealed how her social media internship at the time helped her career. “Working with social media gives individuals the ability to deal with coworkers, talk to clients, and create ads. I hope to someday work in the creative industry and this internship gave me the opportunity to practice that. Also, now I feel comfortable creating and showing presentations to coworkers and clients,” she said.

Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix.

"Leap of Faith" by Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed

Image: Courtesy of Gallery Book.

Leap of Faith by Cameron Hamilton & Lauren Speed

For more about Love Is Blind, read Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed’s 2021 book, Leap of Faith: Finding Love the Modern Way. In the book, Cameron and Lauren, who were one of two couples to marry from Love Is Blind season 1, share their “engaging and accessible love advice for the modern world” and reveal exclusive behind-the-scenes details from the Netflix series and what went down in The Pods that viewers didn’t see. The book is told from Cameron and Lauren’s alternating points of view as the fan-favorite couple dishes on what it was really like to marry a “faceless stranger” on television and opens up about how their relationship shifted—”for better and for worse”—once cameras stopped rolling and Lauren and Cameron’s relationship continued in the real world. Leap of Faith: Finding Love the Modern Way is a must-read for any Love Is Blind fan. 

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