NFL Power Rankings: The Hottest NFL Players


Football season has started, and you’re either one of two kinds of people; you’re at the bars cheering, drinking, eating wings, or you overhear the score from a friend and can’t help but listen to a short recap, even though watching the game wasn’t on your Sunday or Monday night agenda (since Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami is on Sunday and The Rachel Zoe Project is on Monday, obviously).

With the exception of Plaxico Burress, who was sentenced today to two years in prison for violating the New York state gun laws, we know you can’t resist some of the studs who have been sporting their stuff on the field so far this season. Here’s the countdown of our top 5 hottest NFL draft picks:


5. Tom Brady

The fact that he’s a two-time undefeated Super Bowl champ, with a world renowned supermodel as a wife, kind of automatically ranks him in our top 5. However, he ranks fifth due to distasteful bodyguard behavior at his secret wedding with Gisele.


4. Brett Favre

Even after his one-year stint with the New York Jets, and his decision to wear yellow and purple, I mean…. play with the Vikings, we still know he’s as handsome as ever. He might not be the same Brett we adored in Something About Mary way back when, but hey, we’ll take what we can get, especially after we thought he was done for good after a long and successful run with the Green Bay Packers.


3. Tony Romo

Tony Romo is definitely a hottie, even if he is a Cowboy. How else would he have scored Jessica Simpson as his leading lady last season? This season his love interest Candice Crawford, who happens to be Chace Crawford’s, of Gossip Girl, sister. They just keep getting blonder, don’t they Romo?


2. Eli Manning

There’s nothing better than watching Eli Manning take off his helmet, throw on his Giants hat and an adorable smile to watch the defensive line take care of business. Well, maybe there is, especially if you saw Sunday night’s Giant game, where he basically owned the Cowboys ( and hottie # 3) with 2 minutes left, throwing completed pass after pass, to lead his team to a 33-31 victory. The Giants, also rank 1 in week 3 power rankings, and we think that is pretty sexy.


1. Mark Sanchez

We’re handing off the number one pick to Mark Sanchez, the new and extremely attractive quarterback for the New York Jets. We’ll be watching his tight end all season long, as he leads the Jets to victory.