Newsflash: Timo Weiland Spring 2010 Menswear Collection


Timo Weiland‘s debut collection is titled A Life Full of Holes, but designers Alan Eckstein and Timo Weiland’s offerings for Spring 2010 are anything but fragmented or deteriorated. The Timo Weiland Menswear Collection actually provides a line of well-tailored pieces that are at once interesting, wearable, and cohesive.

According to Eckstein and Weiland, the collection cites the Baroque and Rococo eras as inspiration, resulting in intricate and polished looks, each with a distinctive twist. Take the tailored dress shirts, which come in a crisp, custom shirting fabric with a slightly askew stripe that lends an element of interest to the otherwise standard piece. Similarly, exaggerated lapels provide a welcome play on proportions to slim blazers and jackets. As an added touch, these enlarged lapels are conveniently held in place with hidden magnets, showing a careful consideration of the wearability of the pieces. Such attention to detail extends not only to the construction and design of the collection, but also to the fabrics themselves; jackets and pants are rendered in fine wools and Timo’s signature square-perforated leather, while the draped sweaters feature drop-needle stitching and inset silk panels.

The clothing ties in perfectly with Weiland’s signature accessories; a slim club-collar button down, for example, pairs wonderfully with his leather bow ties, while a ruffle-embellished sweater echoes the same detailing as one of his draped neckwear pieces. As such, Timo Weiland’s first Ready-To-Wear Collection is a decently strong line one that retains both a commercial and editorial appeal through a subtle mlange of textures and influences.

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