30 Stylish New Yorkers Answer: ‘What’s Your Favorite Emoji?’

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With technology and social media being such a huge part of our lives, text messages have begun to say as much about your style as the clothes you wear. So, we couldn’t help but ask several of our 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers to name their favorite or most-used emoji.

And you can expect much more than your ho-hum smiley face. From snails to shrimp to little hatching chicks, our most stylish New Yorkers’ top emojis gave us a fun new perspective into their personal lives. Take a look below to see some of our favorite New Yorkers dish on what you can expect to see in their daily text messages.

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“The booming speaker! I like to play my music really loud. My favorite emoji is the red kiss for obvious reasons!”- DJ Kiss and DJ M.O.S

“I use the heart emoji a lot and I love the moon and the little witch globe. It’s kind of witchy and I like it!”- Natalie Suarez, blogger, “Natalie Off-Duty”



” I am lame with emoji. All I know is heart, smile face, and thumbs up.”- Steven Kolb, President, CFDA

“Smiling sun dude with sunglasses. No idea why it’s my favorite, but it makes me feel good to finish a text with that dude.”- Michael Chernow, founder, The Meatball Shop, and wife Donna Hemmingsen, model

“I enjoy the simple smileys. What do we have to do to get an old “facepalm” emoticon from BBM days? I would use that atleast 10 times a day.”- Adam Fulton and Cyndi Ramirez, owners, The Eclective



“The ghost has made it into my daily rotation. Give him a try, you wont be sorry.”- Olivia Wolfe, owner, American Two Shot

“I’m really into the hatching chick. It’s just like, hey I’m here!”- Stephanie Krasnoff, owner, American Two Shot

“I like prayer hands but I think some people use it as a high-five as well. But for me, it’s prayer hands because I’m thankful for a lot of the blessings I receive on a daily basis.”- Marcus Paul, stylist




“I like the little surfer guy, and the smiley piece of sh*t. I can sum up everything in my world between those two.”- Mikey DeTemple, professional surfer

“I love emojis, but I’m not like crazy narrative with emojis. I use the purple heart the most. Something about it seemed a little surprising.”- Erin Walsh, stylist

“I think the smiley face that makes a kiss with a little heart. I like that one because I usually use it when I’m trying to send someone love or kisses.”- Ramya Giangola, founder, GoGoLuxe




“The hands praising the sky, because I often like to throw my hands up and do the same.”- Mara Hoffman, designer

“We use a lot the colorful hearts- we love a lot of things!”- Lizzie Tisch and Kim Kassel, founders, Suite 1521

“I don’t have an iPhone, but I’m gonna have to go with the snail emoji, because snails and slugs are two of my favorite animals.”- Chiara De Blasio, student and daughter of New York City mayor Bill De Blasio




“I like the peace sign, the octopus, the coconut shrimp, and the one of the face where he’s showing all his teeth, but his eyes are round.”- Laurel Pantin, editor, Lucky Magazine

“I definitely throw a lot of peace signs. Every once in a while, he will throw me a smiley face”- Ashley Owens, founder, GrandpaStyle

“The pink girl flip emoji!- DJ May Kwok

“I’ve never used an emoji.”- Sam Owens, founder, GrandpaStyle



“Heart eyes on a good day and angry cat face on a bad one. They both seem to get the point across so well.”- Helena Glazer, blogger, Brooklyn Blonde

“The crown for prince!”- Prince Cheona, founder, Galore Magazine

“The kitty with the heart eyes and the splash of water.”- Jacob Dekat, founder, Galore Magazine




“The emoji I use the most often is the side eye. I use it 24 hours a day. I send it to my parents. It means many different things.”- Eva Chen, Editor-in-Cheif, Lucky Magazine

“The happy face with the tongue hangin’ out”- Lauren Bosworth, founder, The Lo Down

“A perfect emoji of our gold quartz piñata!”- Julie Ho and Nick Anderson, founders, Confetti Systems 




“Lately it’s been the red balloon. It makes me happy.”- Danielle Brooks, actress, “Orange is the New Black”

“The little gold trophy. It says so much. Victory!”- Sarah Easley, founder, Kirna Zabete

“The emoji I use the most is the one of two girls holding hands and the one of two boys holding hands, because I have two daughters and two sons.”- Beth Buccini, founder, Kirna Zabete



“The burger emoji! If you’ve seen my instagram, you know that my photos of my 45-day dry aged burgers pretty much dominate it.”- Angie Mar, chef, The Beatrice Inn

“The river of laughing tears! Social media can be so hilarious sometimes!”- Azede Jean Pierre, designer

“I’m pretty JV- I just use a smiley face or the “munch” scream.”- Jonathan Adler, designer