New York Fashion Week Needs A Home … Again.

Jessica Rubin

If you attended New York Fashion Week or tried (fruitlessly) to spend time uptown during that fateful week in September, than you can attest to the fact that Lincoln Center is somewhere you don’t want to be unless you absolutely have to go there.

Want a coffee? You better go 10 blocks away if there’s any chance of getting inside the door. Need a cab uptown? The taxi will drive away before you can even finish your request. And all of this in 5 inch heels. A good time this does not make.

Well, according to WWD, Hudson Yards, a $15 billion development that will soon house Coach’s global headquarters and hopefully a high-end department store, may be New York Fashion Week’s newest home.

At a press conference Mayor Bloomberg admitted, “Fashion Week had grown so much. It’s outgrown Lincoln Center already. It certainly outgrew Bryant Park a long time ago.” The Mayor has his eye on the Culture Shed, a “modern center” that is part of Hudson Yards, located on the west side of Manhattan.

What will this mean for fashion insiders and designers who are franctically running to various events? Hopefully the move will provide more space and easier accessability, the hub that can center Fashion Week’s many events into one, concentrated place. The idea is still in its early stages, however, so for now the shows will remain at Lincoln Center.

So keep your spare flats in your satchel bags, ’cause those heels were not made for walking (but it seems that’s just what you’ll have to do — boo!).

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