New York Fashion Week Diary Day 5: Features Director Style

Kerry Pieri
New York Fashion Week Diary Day 5: Features Director Style
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Clothes, clothes, clothes. We all run around all day, party all night, dress up and try to post thoughtful, coherent sentiments all in the name of clothes. Isn’t Fashion Week amazing?

Yesterday, I saw a lot of clothes, and like music, it’s amazing there are so many different combinations that can all add up to one important thing: a look (or a song as the case may be). Hey, I told you I was tired, read on for day 5. Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

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My future's so bright... My most maje decision of the day was trying to figure out which sunnies to wear after waking up at 6AM - a girl has to think of these things.

I'm off to backstage at Carolina Herrera where models are as addicted to their smart phones as their editor friends.

Soooo sophisticated, someday I'll be a Herrera lady.

The model board, aren't they lovely?

Some very chic gloves, I guess it's not just about the clothes.

Liu Wen getting her hair did.

I'll be back to Carolina but first, a stop off at Jenny Packham's show. Heart this quote in the show notes.

Emma Roberts is behind this Studio 54 dress, but she neither wanted her photo taken, nor to be spoken to. Whatevs.

Even the shoes were glittery.

Time for a stop off at Starbucks. They have 'bucks tattoos there – I know some people who are that addicted.

This dude tried to sell me on the tats, he seems psyched about them!

Back at Carolina, I straight paparazzi Virginia Smith, Anna and Grace. Right after this Christina Hendricks got accosted by flash bulbs, I guess I'm not quick enough for mainstream celebs.

I'm rolling pretty deep, which means I can't see much, but it's very cute to watch the models dance before they go on the runway all regal-like.

Final walk - look at all those heads before it!

I'm downtown for Zero Maria Cornejo and snap Garance front row.

A little front row street style, this girl looked so cute. Bangs anyone?

My seatmate looked chic as well.

Zero brings out the girls in black.

Maria said Fall is about the eccentric individuals around her that make the world a more exciting place. Love that.

What's more "look at me" than red? It's so everywhere for Fall.

I loved this hair tuck detail, so interesting.

The final walk. The coats were the best part and I loved the geometry of the looks – each was so special.

Quick skinny latte at the fancy French bakery. So French...

More French! A snap of Olivier Zham, at Ohne Titel where Alexa and Flora took inspiration from early Apollo mission spacesuits.

So chic and downtown.

More red at Ohne Titel.

It was warmer, but so windy. Makes for fun street shots though.

Up to midtown for Fenton – it's Dana Lorenz's first presentation, and the theme is Versailles nights.

"The core of it is based on an interior study of Versailles, but it's really a study about light and darkness and the way light hits chandeliers at night and in the morning," Dana explained. It was beautiful and very different than past seasons. Plus she had to take out a separate insurance policy for the Louis XIV furniture that filled the room.

Off to Chris Benz which was a mad house! Apparently Susan Sarandon was in there, but who could find her? The clothes were so incredible and detailed, sort of a wonderful mix of quirky vintage 70s with modern Indie chick – I loved.

Chris said he was inspired by the Old South like Savannah Georgia, which comes across in the prints so beautifully.

Need that hat...

And those shoes...

A model's tat read, "All of us are better when we're loved." So much cooler than those Starbucks temporaries.

Bryanboy wore this fur headdress because he hates attention. I think it's Margiela.

Off to the Plaza for Alice + Olivia, another mad house of fashion!

Check out these dope shoes.

The lewk was very glam, some 20s, some 70s, some 90s, but overall, built for the party girl.

She only sat at the piano looking pretty, there was a DJ.

That jumpsuit was killer.

Who remembers having a shirt like this in baby tee version? I do!

Stacey Bendet is 8 months pregnant! She's with her daughter Eloise at the Plaza, could you die? She said that she feels great, I give the lady mad props.

On my way out to go home and spend Valentine's with the bf, order pizza and watch Gossip Girl, I spy the newest Gossip Girl in Alice + Olivia. She's super pretty and said the collection was too.

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Sleek Hair And Braids At Carolina Herrera And Ohne Titel

Sleek Hair And Braids At
Carolina Herrera And Ohne Titel