New York Fashion Week 2010: A Fashion Model Agent Gives Us His Take


Today is the first unofficial day of Fashion Week, which should be renamed to Fashion Fortnight — alliteration is always better anyway. As editors line up their calendars and fashion designers add final touches to their debuting pieces, modeling agencies are scattering their girls for the opportunity to be cast in these elite runway shows.

New York and Los Angeles-based modeling agency Models International hosted a Fashion Week kick off event last night in honor of both New York Fashion Week and Valentines Day. StyleCaster stole a few moments with John Thompson II the Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Models International to gain some insight into what its like to be one of the faces walking down the runway and what it takes to get there

SC: As an agency, what is the hardest (or most time consuming) part about fashion week?

John Thompson II: Making sure the models’ charts are in order. There are only so many hours in the day, and girls have castings, fittings, hair and makeup tests and shows to fit into their schedule. Sometimes things will overlap and we just have to make sure everyone involved knows when to expect the model. We also have to make sure the models know where to go so she stays punctual.

SC: Describe your overall mood during fashion week.

JT: It’s definitely a very high energy time in New York City. The models are all very excited. We are busy at the agency and it’s definitely an adrenaline rush. There is a great deal of anticipation to see which models book which shows.

SC: On average, how many shows (or presentations) does each of your models walk in?

JT: How many hours are in a day? On average, a model needs to be available for a fashion designer for three to four hours to have her hair and makeup done and to be dressed for the show/presentation. The show lasts for about 20 minutes, and the model has to jet off to the next job. We have models that book shows all day from 7 am to 10 pm. That’s about four shows a day!

SC: What does the agency and its models have to look forward to after Fashion Week? Do you take a break or is it straight on to London Fashion Week?

JT: Some of our models definitely do the show circuit: New York to London to Milan to Paris. Some stay, take a week break and then jump right back into other types of modeling.

SC: What is your favorite part of Fashion Week as an agent?

JT: The satisfaction you get when a client calls to confirm a model; it’s the best phone call you can get after all the hard work you have put in.

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