The New York Times is So Not Into Brad Goreski’s Bravo Show

Kerry Pieri

Cathy Horyn is not one to grin and support anything blindly. Unlike many people in fashion who call themselves critics, this New York Times lady actually, really likes to critique some stuff. Her sites are currently set on the new crop of fashion based reality television, and it’s leaving her rather bored. Most of them, Horyn explains, are banal remakes of shows that already exist, “following on the stilettos of Project Runway and the Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe,” she says.

In particular, she’s not too fond of the Brad Goreski red lighted Bravo project, or the one starring PR alum Chris March, for that matter. Horyn writes, “As if to underscore the dearth of originality in the fashion world, Bravo has picked up shows tentatively titled, ‘Its a Brad Brad World,’ based on Ms. Zoes former assistant Brad Goreski; and ‘Mad Fashion’ with Chris March, the costume designer who appeared on ‘Project Runway.’ Given his fondness for cartoonish creations, and his ability to execute them, Mr. March could prove to be the Buddy Valastro of TV fashion. His series could be entertaining if he keeps the frosting thick and tasteless.” Ooh, burn.

Horyn then tries her hand at creating the ideal fashion based reality show, most likely based in some kind of actual reality: “Personally, Im waiting for the scripted series about a closeted fashion executive and his talented business partner who has a secret cocaine habit and a long list of powerful clients, including two first ladies (its an international company, naturally). As they fly down to St. Barts, the executive is about to be exposed by a blogger who during New Years witnessed an unflattering moment on a Russian billionaires yacht. Thats just the first episode.” First of all, who in fashion is closeted? In reality, though, that show would probably be awesome.

But you know who else is awesome? Brad Goreski. Unlike most of fashion, television is truly meant to appeal to the masses, as in, everyone. Not just rich people or urban people or skinny people or young people, everyone (what’s up Sixteen and Pregnant?). Additionally, reality television based on a personality is only as good as that personality. I mean, Rachel Zoe is a sound bite machine (Bananas!) and Brad is nothing if not likeable and watchable. Will it be a game changer, pulling the curtain deftly off of the often immoral and depraved aspects of the fashion world. Prob not. But how cute is Brad?

[On the Runway]

Photo: Jordan Strauss, WireImage

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