What is New York Style? The City’s Most Stylish Weigh In (Video)

Laurel Pinson

Every year, we scour the city to find 50 dazzling honorees for our annual Most Stylish New Yorkers list, and every year, we pose the question: What is it about New York that makes it such a singular destination for style?

This year’s roster of seriously stylish New Yorkers includes designers, restauranteurs, models, musicians, and all-around trend-setters, so we put the question to them: What is New York style?

Jewelry designer Lulu Frost calls is an “impossible mix,” and style icon Patricia Field insists: “New York is unique and everything in New York is unique, including style.”

NBA legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier, perhaps, puts it the most succinctly: “Whatever you wear is in vogue in New York City, and that’s what I like.”

Everyone seems to agree that it’s the eclectic mix of people and personalities that gives the city its distinct flair — though it’s safe to say that a sense of confidence when it comes to dressing doesn’t hurt.

Videographer: John Kersten
Producer: Samantha Lim

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