The 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers: 2014 Edition

The 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers: 2014 Edition
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September is always a big month for fashion—the thickest magazine issues, the fall collections, the killer street style outfits. And for us, it marks the month that we embark on our biggest annual feature: 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers.

Every year, we comb the streets of our home city to find the freshest crop of style stars—an all-new list every year!—from designers and editors to restauranteurs, Broadway stars, and power brokers.

This year’s roster represents a true-to-life kaleidoscope of the city’s diverse approach to style. Here, you’ll find an actress that dresses like a prisoner on a hit TV show, yet dresses like a million bucks when the camera stop rolling; a surfer that loves the city’s seasons; a LA-to-New York entrepreneur learning to embrace the color black; and a mayor’s daughter who’s absolutely fearless in taking (fantastic) fashion risks. Among this year’s honorees: Lucky EIC (and mother-to-be!) Eva Chen, restaurateur Michael Chernow, actress Danielle Brooks of “Orange is the New Black,” DJ power couple M.O.S. and Kiss, the retail masterminds behind downtown hotspot Kirna Zabete, stylist June Ambrose, student and daughter of New York’s Mayor Bill de Blasio Chiara de Blasio, and many more.

This year, we enlisted photographer Adam Katz Sinding, the man behind the vivid snaps of fashionable personalities you’ve likely seen in VogueW, and his own site, Le 21ème. Adam photographed this year’s honorees all over Manhattan, from the tree-lined walls of Central Park to the cobblestoned streets of the Meatpacking District to the graffiti-embellished walls of SoHo.

So what makes a person “stylish”? It’s more than just innovative styling choices and an appetite for high-end labels that make these folks stylish—it’s an appetite for life, approaching projects and life plans with the same sense of joie de vivre with which they approach their outfits. These 50 honorees mix style and culture into their everyday lives with aplomb, and aren’t afraid to push boundaries—inspiring us to do the same.

Check out the gallery to see who made this year’s list and stay tuned all week for more exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and killer interviews from our 50 Most Stylish!

Photographer: Adam Katz Sinding
Producer: Samantha Lim

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From designers and street style stars to DJ's and power brokers, here's our annual list of New York's 50 most stylish residents! 

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Eva Chen, Editor-in-Chief

As a native New Yorker and the editor-in-chief of Lucky, Eva Chen is no stranger to the city’s fashion scene. “I grew up in the ‘80s, so New York style means punk.  I went to school on the Upper East Side so New York style kind of means Park Avenue prep and perfectly polished women.  And it means everything in between.  But mostly, what it means is kind of this raw energy, this kind of constant sense of change and evolution.”

As a true social media wiz (she even has her own hashtag: #EvaChenPose), Eva shares her daily fashion and beauty finds—as well as her amazing outfits—with her many, many followers. That said, she’s careful not to take it all too seriously.  “I think there’s a lot of pressure and I think magazines are to blame. A part of the blame is on magazines because you have to have a signature style, and you have to know what looks good on your all the time. And I think that failing, trying different things, looking slightly awkward, and trying different skirt lengths, and trying a lot of different things is what kind of helps you find out what looks good on you.  And I think, because of street style, now there is almost a little bit more pressure because people feel like everyone emerged from clam shells like Aphrodite with this perfect style. And I think that’s kind of a fallacy. It’s like trial and error makes for the best street style, I think.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Sam & Ashley Owens, Musicians and Entrepreneurs

The stylish husband and wife duo Sam and Ashley Owens from Grandpa Style focuses on "the pursuit of quality over quantity." The site's emphasis on up-and-coming talent, as well as some killer editorials, caught the attention of the city's fashion set, and the couple's crisp, pulled-together approach to dressing caused street style photographers to take notice. “I moved here seven years ago and one thing I loved was seeing all of the older generation in New York,” Ashley shared. “The older generation has this incredible style and taste and refined way they put themselves together. There’s just such a history and culture here. It’s like an old world.”  

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Danielle Brooks, Actress

She may wear an orange jumpsuit as Taystee on hit Netflix show “Orange is the New Black,” but Danielle Brooks has some killer style off camera.  What Danielle loves most about New York style is that it gives people the freedom to “try anything,” as well as to “be okay if you actually didn’t look good in that sparkly crop top.” (Preach!) “As we evolve and are inspired by others, our style is allowed to do the same,” she adds. “That’s the beauty of style. It grows and changes as we do.” According to Danielle, it all starts with what’s underneath. “Ladies, undergarments are important. They can really make or break a look. You want everything to look tight and right, and snatched. Men, it’s okay to wear them too. It won’t make you less of a man.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster; Makeup by Tracy Raffelson

Sarah Easley & Beth Buccini, Owners, Kirna Zabete

Fifteen years ago, Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini founded what remains one of the best boutiques in New York: Kirna Zabete. The store is now a must-visit for anyone interested in the most exciting labels of today and tomorrow—from Alaia to Wes Gordon. So where do these high-fashion gals find the city’s best style? “On the streets, on the subway, and usually below 14th street," they shared. For Sarah and Beth, living in New York means the ability to “be anything you want to be.” “That’s the glorious thing about this city,” the duo insist. “You can one day dress up like a clown and people wouldn’t even give you a second glance one the street. However, most people don’t look like clowns. Most people look amazing.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Natalie Suarez, Style Blogger

Model and founder of her own style blog, Natalie Off Duty, Natalie Suarez has seemingly been everywhere lately. Whether she’s fronting an ad campaign, styling outfits on her blog, or designing her own shoe collection (in collaboration with her boyfriend), this trend-setter proves that style can be serious business. Considering her bustling lifestyle, she says she has to “dress from day to night, always. I like transitional pieces.”

“New York style to me is very eclectic and individualistic,” she says. “Everyone kind of has their own vibe.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

June Ambrose, Stylist, and daughter Summer Chamblin

Ever wondered who dresses all the top stars in the hip-hop and rap world? Well, here’s your girl. Ambrose has styled everyone from Jay-Z to Sean “Diddy” Combs and starred in her own VH1 show. Needless to say, she’s a great believer in being bold when it comes to fashion. “New York style means the freedom to turn the sidewalks into a runway! It's urban and metropolitan, and I love mixing sophistication with a bit of toughness.” The stylist can now also add designer to her resume with the launch of her HSN collection, “June by June Ambrose.”

The stylish gal to her left is her impeccably-dressed daughter, Summer Chamblin—best known as the Instagram sensation, @SumSumHope. (This 10-year-old already has a whopping 20,000 followers!) When your mom is a stylist to the stars, you better be well-versed in fashion. Summer may not even be a teen yet, but she’s already designed the outfit she’s wearing here, and is taking culinary classes, to boot. (She’s also working on her own website,  

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Michael Chernow, Restaurateur, and Donna Hemmingsen Chernow, Model

Michael Chernow, the owner of The Meatball Shop, and his model wife, Donna Hemmingsen, are quickly becoming a bonafide New York power couple. The Meatball Shop now has five locations throughout the city (and one more coming to Manhattan’s Upper West Side), and Donna—who, in addition to being a model is also a trained pastry chef—has been adding her own touch to the restaurant’s dessert menu. “New York style is how you are influenced by your surroundings here in the city,” Michael shared. “I take a little bit of everything—comfort, ruggedness, urbanism and simplicity, and mash it all together. A bit of a melting pot of styles.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Indre Rockefeller, Fashion Executive

It’s been an exciting year for the impeccably-dressed Indre Rockefeller, who recently left high-end e-commerce site Moda Operandi to become the U.S. President of fashion label Delpozo. When it comes to her own inspiration, she looks to the streets as much as the runway. “The energy of New Yorkers is a constant source of inspiration,” she says. “I equate New York style with individuality and independence.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Chiara de Blasio, Student

“Fashionable” may not necessarily be the first word that jumps to mind when considering the world of politics, but Chiara broke the mold when her father, Bill de Blasio, was elected mayor of New York in 2013. Her election-night flower crown was a hit with the local fashion set, and she’s established herself as someone not afraid to take (awesome) risks with her looks, describing herself as “fearless” with her own personal style. Her style advice? “Wear whatever the fuck you want! Never ask yourself or anyone else, ‘Can I pull this off?’ The only way to pull something off is by wearing it. You might have some doubts, but that's okay. Also, unless you're going to work, court, or a funeral, everything is appropriate for every occasion. Wear your stilettos to the DMV, and your overalls to prom.”

Fashion isn’t the only thing de Blasio is interested in these days: In addition to being a full-time student, she has future plans of working to combat domestic violence, mental illness, and substance abuse.

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Jeff Halmos & Lisa Mayock, Fashion Designers

When Halmos and Mayock got married, it represented the union of two of the city’s coolest indie labels: Shipley & Halmos and Vena Cava. As two designers living under one roof, it’s no surprise that conversations around wardrobe are frequent. “I ask Jeff his opinion a lot and then I don’t listen to him,” Lisa laughs. Jeff counters, “Lisa likes to find out what I’m wearing and then, even though she says she doesn’t, likes to pull together looks that coordinate.” Apparently, Lisa’s coordination is planting the seed for their future wardrobe: “My dream is that one day, when we are in our 70's, is that we will have those matching jumpsuits.  I want to be that couple.”

As designers, Jeff and Lisa have been working in the world of New York fashion for years. “What’s special about New York street style is you can literally capture someone wearing designer clothes and someone wearing stuff only from a thrift store and they look equally cool,” says Jeff. Lisa agrees: “New York is everything, it’s kind of like being at the airport. You see everything.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Helena Glazer, Style Blogger

Even if you don't know her by name, odds are you're aware of Helena Glazer's fashion blog, Brooklyn Blonde. The name is more than appropriate, as Helena is the definition of new Brooklyn chic, following the mantra that New York style is “creative, inspiring, and classic.” While the blog used to strictly cover fashion and Glazer's personal style, she's since expanded the site to include travel and beauty, and now boasts nearly 200,000 Instagram followers. Her number one style rule? “Invest in good accessories. It's the easiest way to make even the simplest of outfits look like a million bucks.”  

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Rachael Wang, Fashion Editor

One of the city’s coolest behind-the-scenes style-setters, Fashion Market Director Wang has become a street style sensation thanks to her sporty-chic (normcore meets high fashion, maybe?) approach to dressing. Wang is the definition of an early adopter when it comes to trends, and knows that you have to look beneath the surface of the city to spot what’s next. “New York style is fascinating and usually begins with a micro-trend, birthed in a cult-like social circle which quickly spreads to tremendous influence,” says Wang. “Some of the best American fashion trends—Andy Warhol and the Factory, Studio 54, ‘80s train graffiti culture, ‘90s Brooklyn hip-hop—all emerged through this contagious underground system that makes New York so special.” It ain’t always easy working in fashion, though. “I try not to let it control me too much, but inevitably we are all affected,” she admits. “I actually miss the freedom of not knowing what I’m ‘supposed’ to be wearing.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

M.O.S. & Kiss, DJs

Husband-and-wife DJ duo Kiss and M.O.S have been an It-couple on the DJ scene for some time, and the two are now both pursuing an area that’s long been a passion of theirs: style. M.O.S. is preparing to launch his own clothing line, Handsome Stranger, and Kiss is set to relaunch her style and beauty blog, XOXO. Who are their influences? Each other, of course. “I definitely run my outfits by my husband. He has an incredible eye for fashion so I know he won't steer me wrong!”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Mikey DeTemple, Surfer and Filmmaker 

For someone who spends so much time in the water, professional surfer DeTemple certainly has a strong sense of aesthetics when it comes to city-friendly outfits. “New York is the epicenter of fashion—you're inspired all the time, and get to create something that really is you, pulling from the past and present.” After having just finished working on a short film with Stance Socks (did we mention he’s also a director?) Mikey is taking the time to prepare himself for this winter, which will no doubt be full of Nor’Easter chasing. One tip on getting the surfer vibe right? “Never skimp on a good pair of socks. They're what ties everything together.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

May Kwok, DJ

After growing up in Queens, Kwok has made a name for herself in New York and beyond for her skills at the turntables, as well as her fierce sense of style. Kwok has become an It-girl on the Fashion Week party set, and this summer helped produce Cointreau's Creative Class program with several other young, cool creatives.  Her one criteria when it comes to fashion? Comfort. “I'm standing and dancing the whole night so I dress from the bottom up. Comfortable shoes are a must and then I work my outfit around that."

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Jonathan Adler, Home Decor Designer

After getting his start with a vibrant ceramics collection at Barneys New York, Adler has become a home decor powerhouse. With four stores in New York, four books, and countless collaborations, he's the go-to name for quirky-and-stylish home items that pop. "I’m a mix of Upper East Side prepster and Greenwich Village crunchy potter," he says—a testament to finding inspiration all over New York. “Style in New York is an anything-goes extravaganza of sartorial delight.  It’s boys in skirts, girls in suits, ladies lunching, hipsters hipster-ing—and I love it all.” The biggest sartorial rule Jonathan lives by? “Tailor your clothes! Good tailoring will make you look richer, thinner, and even more glamorous than you already are.  Putting all your lights on dimmers will accomplish the same thing."

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Katie Ermilio, Fashion Designer

When it comes to style, one could argue it runs in Ermilio's family. Hailing from a clan full of designers (Katie’s grandfather was Grace Kelly’s personal clothier), it’s not surprise that Katie has a talent for gorgeous, feminine clothes—a look that’s won her fans like Jaime King, Kate Bosworth, and Emma Roberts, to name a few. Now a member of the CFDA’s prestigious Incubator program, Katie was also recently featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Arts and Design list. "New York style is both eclectic and personal," Katie shared. "There is an individuality to New York style unlike anywhere else, as a designer it’s something that’s always inspiring."

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Lo Bosworth, Entrepreneur

Lauren “Lo” Bosworth has come a long way since the days of “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills.” When she moved to New York City, Lauren traded in her Cali-girl denim shorts and tank tops for Zimmerman boots and all-black everything (insert joke about New Yorkers only wearing black here). She’s got a new lifestyle site, The Lo Down, where she shares her insights on food, fashion, and beauty, and is toying with her own television project centered on the world of food. So, how has New York City changed Lo's style? “The city breathes life into me every day. Individuality is embraced here and it's that ideal that reminds me to wear whatever I fucking please out the door everyday. I dress for myself, not for others. I also bring Band-Aids with me everywhere.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Elle Strauss, Fashion Director

Considering her position as Style Director of online retail powerhouse Shopbop, it’s pretty much a given that Strauss has amazing style. Originally from London, she views New York style very differently than she did when she first moved across the pond. “When I first moved here, I thought it meant glamour! Such a contrast to London’s laid-back style. Nowadays, I think it means fearless. New Yorkers wear what they want and aren’t afraid to own it.” Strauss is currently on a mission to make the holiday season more stylish than ever, so keep an out for her online picks on Shopbop later this year!

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Angie Mar, Chef

As the executive chef of downtown hotspot The Beatrice Inn, Angie Mar is used to hobnobbing with the fashion and media elite. (Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Graydon Carter is an owner, after all.) “For me, style is like food,” she says. “It's incredibly personal. What I love about New York is that we have an all-embracing, come as you are attitude. It's like nowhere else.”

How does she go about getting dressed? The same way she goes about putting together a dish, of course. “I love combining masculine and feminine elements with a lot of soul, sensuality and an editing eye. At the restaurant, I never want more than six elements on a plate—it gets to be too much. Instead we create intellectual dishes with unusual flavor, temperature and texture combinations using just five or so well curated elements. I look at style the same way.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Erin Walsh, Stylist

Walsh’s client list reads like a “who’s who in Hollywood” list: Kerry Washington, Kristen Wiig, and Sarah Jessica Parker, just to name a few. She may live in her mom’s vintage Chanel jackets, but she’s not opposed to sweatpants—of the Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang variety, of course. Her style is a mix of classic and unexpected, often mixing things that are streamlined and tailored with something soft and easy. “New York style is effortlessly chic. Ever since I moved here when I was 18 years old, I had a very grand vision of the city, thinking and always picturing the scene from a movie.  I've sort of toned that down over the years, but I would very much like to feel like the most elevated version of [myself].”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Steven Kolb, CEO, Council of Fashion Designers of America

CFDA CEO Steven Kolb may seem unassuming at first glance (he’s often spotted wearing a sporty backpack to Fashion Week with a crisp suit), but he’s one of the city’s most influential figures when it comes to the fashion industry. Alongside president Diane von Furstenberg, the CFDA provides support and resources for hundreds of American designers, not to mention working to strengthen New York Fashion Week. Kolb describes New York as “a place to be who you are,” and takes a less ‘high-fashion’ approach to style. “I like urban tech gear that’s functional and stylish.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Julie Ho and Nicholas Andersen, Founders, ConfettiSystem

If playing with shimmery materials all day isn’t the best job in the world, then we don’t know what is. Meet the designers and creators of ConfettiSystem, a company that creates super-hip and modern party decor using tissue paper, sparkly mylar, and more. After meeting through mutual friends, Ho and Anderson found a shared love of dollar store decorations that blossomed into a business. With the upcoming launch of their online shop—not to mention the constant demands of an installation-driven business—comfort and versatility are key when it comes to dressing. “We are always getting up on ladders for installations and then attending events all in a few hours,” the duo shared.

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Laurel Pantin, Fashion Editor

As an editor at fashion magazine Lucky, it’s Pantin’s job to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to what makes it into the magazine’s pages, but it’s her on-the-street looks (and vivacious personality) that have really earned kudos from the fashion set. All the attention, Pantin insists, has actually made her hone in on her own personal look. If anything, it makes me that much more aware of what's really me and what I want just because I want something,” she says. “It kind of forces me to edit my own purchases and refine my own sense of style.” For this editor, New York style is “being able to be exactly the person you want to be.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Azede Jean-Pierre, Fashion designer

It’s easy to see why folks have been calling Jean-Piere the next thing in design. A stylist by trade, Azede has dressed stars from Angie Herman to Solange Knowles, as well as First Lady Michelle Obama, and her latest collection is a mix of soft colors, flattering silhouettes and great texture.  “The people here and their personal sense of style is a constant source of inspiration,” says Azede. “I love seeing how New Yorkers put their stamp on things.” When it comes to Azede’s personal style, she only has one rule: “It has to look effortless, no matter what. It has to look natural.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Stephanie Krasnoff and Olivia Wolfe, Owners, American Two Shot 

American Two Shot is an ultra-hip downtown boutique that's got an artsy, streetwear vibe, and its stylish founders are diverse in their influences. “My style is influenced by the city in more ways than just through a fashion lens,” says Olivia. “I'll be inspired by the graphics of an old advert on a building, for instance.” Stephanie echoes that sentiment: “That’s really how the store came to be, from the people to experiences, the city is a never-ending source of inspirational gold.” Look out for the ladies’ newly-debuted in-house clothing line, aptly named CLOTHES.

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Marcus Paul, Stylist and Creative

Marcus Paul has a client list that would make your eyes widen—he’s worked with everyone from Jay-Z to LeBron James—and when you see him in person, you can tell why. He recently launched a limited-edition sweatshirt collection with XXBC, and is setting his sights on footwear next. For Paul, style in New York means being “comfortable and versatile,” dressing to meet the city’s myriad demands. “New York style means having a little edge and self confidence … in other words, being yourself.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Ramya Giangola, Entrepreneur

Giangola didn’t set out to pursue a career in fashion—she was on track to be a lawyer when she switched gears and founded Gogoluxe, a company that provides trend forecasts, retail market intelligence, and other marketing services. For Ramya, her wardrobe is neighborhood-specific: “There’s different parts of your life that you live in different parts of the city.  I guess maybe that influences how I dress.  During fashion week I dress one way, versus the way I would dress when I go pick up my daughter from school.” In either scenario, we’d wager Ramya looks pretty dazzling.

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Venessa Arizaga, Jewelry Designer

Jewelry and accessories designer Venessa Arizaga’s collections are really a blend of New York and the culture of Puerto Rico—channeling the color of island life through the big city’s lens. Although she just bought a house in Puerto Rico with her husband,  she still turns to New York for her style inspiration. “New York is filled with incredible people and the streets are just full of people dressed to inspire,” she says. “New York style means not being afraid. You are given carte blanche to wear and create your style into whatever you feel, no limits.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Va$htie Kola, Creative

Va$htie Kola’s resume reads like a modern renaissance woman: director, DJ, and now designer—she’s preparing to launch a collection called Violette New York. “In a city that is all about hustle and being on the go, it means being prepared for anything this mean yet wonderful city has to offer,” Va$htie explains. “From running after taxis to making your day look transition into a chic night look with little to no notice. Even battling the extreme weather; looking stylish yet being dressed properly during our brutal winters and staying cool and cute in our sweltering summers. It means preparation and versatility.” Fortunately, her fellow New Yorkers provide plenty of inspiration. “This city influences me with its melting pot of incredible people and vibrant energy—from the born and raised true New Yorkers to the newbies that bring fresh energy from their city … it all comes together brilliantly.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Robert Geller, Fashion Designer

German-born fashion designer Robert Geller started out working for Marc Jacobs before launching his first line, Cloak. By 2007, he’d launched his eponymous menswear line, and now runs collaborations with Common Projects and Garrett Leight, in addition to consulting. When it comes to his own style, Geller dresses to fit the country he’s in. “In Japan, I felt more comfortable experimenting with the way I dressed,” he shared. “I would try a new hat or a new silhouette on a pant. France or Germany were more classic. I would mix a bit of preppy-ness into my looks.” For Geller, New York has apparently always been “tougher.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat, Creatives 

Prince Chenoa and Jacob Dekat are the cool kids who have become known for discovering the next wave of cool kids. Together, they are the founders and owners of Galore Mag, a downtown publication that prides itself on its knack for targeting of-the-instant models, starlets and other It-girls. Their main mission? Bringing back the “bombshell” girl—and they certainly know how to do it. Everyone from model Ashley Sky to actress Naya Rivera have been featured in Galore Mag’s pages, and they’ve also been working to revolutionize the bookings world by partnering with model agency One Management to launch Kitten, their agency targeted towards models with larger social media followings. What does New York style mean to them?  “Individuality, and being able to express yourself with no limits.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Mara Hoffman, Fashion Designer

Designer Mara Hoffman is no shrinking violet when it comes to style—a fact that’s as apparent in her bold, printed collections as it is in her personal sense of style. Hoffman has cultivated a brand that eschews trends in favor of original patterns and bold graphics, and has even started to expand her signature offerings to bridal and children’s wear. When it comes to her own outfits, Mara says, “I take more of a casual approach and comfort is huge because I walk as much as I can."

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Lizzie Tisch & Kim Kassel, Entrepreneurs

Dynamic duo Lizzie Tisch and Kim Kassel are taking personalized shopping to a whole new level with their venture, Suite 1521, which allows customers to attend exclusive designer events and buy straight from the collections. Their space is an amalgam of labels and aesthetics—from Courreges to Creatues of the Wind—perfect for the melting pot that is New York. “New York style is all about being an individual,” the duo shared.

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Cannon Hodge, Social Media Maven

After having run social media at Bergdorf Goodman for years before taking a position at Social Media Director at newly-launched shopping app Spring, the world of fashion is nothing new to Cannon Hodge. “When I first moved to the City [from Texas], I was shocked at how seamlessly a look fell into place,” she says. “Before then, style felt precious and very head-to-toe. In New York, you can be (and dress like) whoever you want to be—the possibilities are endless.” This digital maven mixes Zara with Jonathan Simkhai on any given day, but has a maxim when it comes to dressing: “Be you and walk with confidence.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Vassili Di Napoli, PR and Business Developer

After working for Moncler in Italy for 10 years, Vassili di Napoli moved to New York, where he insists he was “reborn.” Now, he’s focused on avant-garde fashion and design, acting as a PR and business developer for European independent designers looking to break into the U.S. market. “My style is a mix between dandy and homeless aesthetics,” says Vassili. “Weird to say, but this is it.” 

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Cyndi Ramirez and Adam Fulton, Entrepreneurs

Fulton and Ramirez are one hip couple. Adam runs marketing agency New Standard, as well as The Garrett, a cool new bar in the West Village. Cyndi, meanwhile, runs a fashion and food blog called “Taste the Style.” If that isn’t enough, they also helm their very own cool-kid influencer network, The Eclective. When it comes to clothes, these two play fast and loose. “You never know what the day might become,” says Cyndi, “so what you're wearing should be able to make it through. Adam really allows me to dress however I want, when I want. If I want to wear a man-repelling outfit, he tells me to go for it. There's no judgement and I appreciate that.”

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Caitlin Mociun, Jewelry Designer

Jewelry designer Mociun may currently call Brooklyn home, but a childhood spent traveling instilled in her a permanent lust for travel—and we can’t recommend following her adventure on Instagram strongly enough. That said, her incredible, delicate jewelry is likely the big reason that her label, Mociun, now has more than 30,000 Insta followers, and the designer’s exquisite taste in accessories (as well as hand-crafted objects, stocked in her Williamsburg store) translates well to her grounded-yet-eclectic way of dressing.

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

Adam Katz Sinding, Photographer

The talented eye behind the Le 21eme, it’s no secret Katz-Sinding has an eye for great style. Featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and W, Adam has become an industry favorite for shooting candid, entirely original portraits of stylish people. (He describes his site as “anything but a street-style blog.”) Adam has a journalistic-meets-artistic approach to the world of fashion (and the myriad fashion weeks around the globe), which has also earned him nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram—and we’re so thrilled that we were able to partner with him on this year’s feature.

Photo: Adam Katz-Sinding for StyleCaster

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