New York Chefs Sound Off on Their Top Hangover Cures

Blair Pfander

spaghetti carbonara New York Chefs Sound Off on Their Top Hangover CuresIf there’s one good thing about a thumping hangover, it’s that you get a free pass to feast on calories, carbs, and saturated fats. Sure, it may not exactly be a medical fact, but there’s something undeniably fabulous about a bacon and cheese bagel the morning after the best night ever.
Of course, chefs tend to have more elegant hangover cures than our buck-fifty solution at the corner deli. Here, three New York City chefs sound off on their favorite gourmet “treatments” to soothe those dreadful day-after symptoms.
Marc Murphy, Chef and Owner of Landmarc and Ditch PlainsSpaghetti Carbonara
“I grew up eating spaghetti carbonara, and it is my all time favorite late-night food to make,” says Murphy. “When I was younger, I would make spaghetti carbonara for my friends because it required so few ingredients, and was therefore inexpensive to make. At Landmarc, we serve food until 2 a.m., and this dish is the best thing to eat after a long night out. It’s like an Italian hangover cure!”
Peter Kane, Managing Partner of Beauty & EssexHair of the Dog
“I grew up in an Irish family and my dad worked the night shift at a beer factory where they allowed the workers to drink,” Kane explains. “After a long night out, I remember he would have a Taylor ham and egg sandwich along with a glass of dark beer, like a stout. After a rough night out, a good egg sandwich—eggs are notoriously good for hangovers—and another drink, is the only thing that makes me feel better.”
Eduard Frauneder, Chef and Owner of Edi & the WolfGoulash and a Kaiser Roll
“After a late night at the restaurant—which always means too much red wine—my go-to hangover cure is a hearty bowl of Goulash and a chewy Kaiser roll,” says Frauneder. “This is a time-old cure in my native Austria, that dates back to Kaiser Franz-Josef. Depending on what we have in the kitchen, I’ll toss in some bacon, veal cheeks, garlic, bell peppers, and tomatoes—plenty to soak up the alcohol from the previous night’s revelry.
In the colder months, co-owner, chef Wolfgang Ban and I offer this dish at Edi & the Wolf. We’re pretty sure it will be just as popular as it was last year—especially when we recommend it to guests the morning after they visit our new cocktail bar opening down the block from the restaurant.”
Share with us in the comments below, what’s your go-to hangover cure?

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