15 Ways To Make Your New Year’s Eve Party Extra-Sparkly

15 Ways To Make Your New Year’s Eve Party Extra-Sparkly
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Hosting a party has its perks, but it can also be a major source of stress. Between planning, shopping, cooking and decorating, how do you possibly make time to actually have fun? For those who have volunteered (or been elected) to host this year’s NYE bash, relax: Pulling off a fabulous fete can be a breeze with these genius Pinterest-sourced New Year’s Eve party ideas guaranteed to impress all your guests. After all, it’s the last party of the year; it should end 2020 on a high note!

That said, let’s not try to pretend this year isn’t a little, um, different. While many of us are used to spending NYE at large parties surrounded by big crowds, it’s likely this December 31 will be a little more low-key. That said, just because your gathering is smaller and safer, doesn’t mean it can’t be just as glam and glitzy! Whether you’re hosting family IRL or FaceTiming friends from afar, the below ideas still guarantee a night to remember. (Unless you drink too much champagne and forget it all, that is.)

It doesn’t take much beyond an appropriate level of glitter and a variety of foods and drink to pull off a solid party. From drinks to decor, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite New Year’s Eve party ideas that you can totally copy. Not all of them work on Zoom, but quite a few do, so don’t be afraid to get creative and make the most of your night one way or another!

We know this year hasn’t exactly been ~the best~, so throw your friends a night so good, they’ll think the rest of 2020 was actually worth it.

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1. Give your guests (real or virtual!) a dress code, whether that’s classic sequins, ’20s flair, pajamas or a specific color like gold. Or, go full-on theme party and have them dress as their least favorite part of 2020.


2. Make a unique, festive backdrop for taking Instagram-worthy New Year’s Eve photos. Or, order one on Amazon
and skip the extra work. If you’re Zooming, send everyone the same Zoom background in advance so you can all use it.


3. Hang up a blank piece of paper on the wall for your guests to write their resolutions on. Once everyone is tipsy, have them read theirs out loud, or play a game and guess who wrote what.


4. If you’re decorating with balloons, jazz up a normal balloon by adding some sparkly confetti
inside before blowing it up. Bonus points if you let guests pop them at midnight for a glitter explosion.


5. Even your drinks should be festive. In addition to a big holiday punch, whip up champagne Jello shots and a super-sweet drink called The 2021. It should be as sweet and wonderful as the year ahead!



6. Create a hashtag for guests to use while posting on social media from your party. That way, everyone can see all the photos the next day when they’re recovering in bed.


7. Get creative with desserts! Add sorbet into your champagne glasses for a fizzing, sweet good time. For a treat when the clock strikes midnight, soak strawberries in chocolate-flavored vodka. Finally, serve cake in champagne flutes so guests can carry it around with ease.


8. Write an hourly countdown on balloons—11PM, 10PM, 9PM, and so on—and pop them as midnight approaches for multiple mini-celebrations that keep the night on track.


9. Make your own DIY garland using sparkle-dipped feathers and some string (Or, again, just buy one
. Love you, Amazon!)


10. If your group loves Karaoke, create two playlists—the Best and Worst Songs of 2020—and sing them all night long.




11. For a socially-distanced idea you can do outside, meet up with friends and light up some sparklers.


12. Create a 2020-inspired drinking game the entire party can play, with prompts like “Drink if you own more than one tie-dye sweatsuit” or “Drink if you only dress up from the waist-up for Zoom meetings!”


13. Make a few massive charcuterie boards
for guests to graze on, covered with different treats. Do the classic cheese board, a tasty dessert board and maybe even a board of shots, because why not!


14. Everyone loves a party favor. Send your guests home with something little, thoughtful and fun. If your party is really small, treat every guest to a gratitude journal they can start using on January 1. This one
is only $7!


15. Bag up fortune cookies for your guests to bring home to wish them “good fortune” in the coming year. Just make sure they all say something positive!

A version of this article previously appeared in December 2016.

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