New Year’s Eve Hook-Ups: The Dos and Don’ts

Jessica Rubin

The big moment is almost upon us: it’s New Year’s Eve people, and between finding the perfect dress and plotting your midnight kiss, the night can be pretty stressful. Luckily, here at StyleCaster we’ve trudged our way through every New Years scenario in the book — yes, even the heinous crowds at Times Square. When it comes to being single on New Years, there are a number of ways your kiss can play out. So scroll down for 5 dos and don’ts when it comes to your 12 AM smooch.

DO keep it casual. It’s New Year’s Eve, not speed dating. Don’t go into the night thinking you’re going to find your soul mate. Let’s be honest, New Year’s Eve means bros who’ve knocked back one-too-many jagerbombs. So keep your hook-up short and sweet. Don’t get all sentimental, and let’s leave the tipsy tears in 2011.

DO stay within your six degrees of separation. Want to stay away from stalkers and potential serial killers? Then make sure your hook-up comes with a recommendation. Otherwise you may find yourself waking up to your one-night stand in the middle of a sacrificial ritual.

DO make out with old friends. One of the best things about New Years is that everyone feels all warm and mushy. If you’re spending the night with old friends, don’t hesitate to choose someone from your old posse to share the countdown with. You know there’s no pressure and no expectations, so it’s a win-win.

DO ask if your anonymous smoocher is single. Maybe you’ll never see him again, but starting off the year as “the other woman” is seriously bad karma.

DO keep an emergency goodie bag in your purse. You’ll probably need access to the essentials –emergency money, condoms, clean undies and a tooth brush. Always be prepared.

DON’Tovershare. On the off chance that you don’t know the person you’re going home with, keep personal details to a minimum. First name, your industry and what area you work in is all you need to confide. Otherwise your drunken mistake can become your Facebook nightmare.

DON’T discusses exes and crushes. It’s a small world, and thanks to social media it’s shrinking by the minute, so play it safe.

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