A New Siren Song by Florence + The Machine

Jessica Hoppe

If you are like me, you have been anxiously awaiting a new album byFlorence + The Machine.

Well we’re not getting the full album until November 7th, which I will consider a birthday present as my bday is the 5th—thank you,Flo Flo.However, she did just release a new single to tide (pun unintended) us over called,What the Water Gave Me.

The song does not disappoint.With the title taken from aFrida Kahlo painting and a lyrical reference toVirginia Woolf it is her signature—a siren song with that unequivocal voiceteetering between a tender whisperand forceful wide-mouthed bellowing.

Like Dogs Days, her new single has the same uplifting power. She could literally be saying anything and it would not matter because you are lost the cacophony of sounds. In fact, I’m pretty sure that is actually the point.

The video imagery is as artful as her lyrics. Be sure to watch it.

Image courtesy of the Los Angeles Times

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