A New Olsen On The Block: Elizabeth Olsen Looks Hot In V

Lauren Caruso

Photo: V69, on newsstands January 13

Elizabeth Olsen, who looks hauntingly like her more ubiquitous older sisters without all the baggy layers dons a wide-brimmed hat and a parted half-smile during her V Magazine photo shoot for the 69th issue, appropriately named “The Discovery Issue.” Photographed by Mark Abrahams in stunning monochrome, the blonde discusses why she chose to bypass the obvious onslaught of quick opportunities at her disposal in favor of mastering her craft before knocking down our doors.

As though being an Olsen sister wasn’t enough of an ego boost, the modest yet feisty 21-year-old tells V reporter John Ortved that while she has understudied roles both on and off Broadway, she’s still enrolled in NYU to ensure “her confidence.”

Her growing resume includes working alongside Jane Fonda, Chace Crawford and Catherine Keener in Peace, Love & Understanding (crediting the latter for mentoring her through the process), followed by The Silent House, which would prove demanding even to a seasoned actress thanks to its single-shot direction. Olsen explained, “It’s basically just a camera and me… if you get just one cue off the whole thing is blown.” Don’t worry little O if you’re anything like your sisters, then you’ve got nothing to worry about!