New Obsession: Tortoise & Blonde


If you ladies are anything like me, then you know finding the perfect pair is next to impossible. Get your mind out of the gutter freaks I am talking eye glasses. Which is why when I heard about Tortoise & Blonde I felt compelled to share. They don’t just have that one perfect pair it’s more like a million… which is perfect because wearing the same pair day after day is, for lack of a better word, lame!

Tortoise & Blonde is made to appeal to a new generation. A modern alternative to classic eyewear designed for functional versatility and grounded in craftsmanship and details, the brand inspires exploring the duality that exists in all. Whether it is their modern or vintage styles, they are all priced well below those found at high-end retail shops, all without compromising quality. It represents a person who is educated, intelligent and uninhibited kinda like you!

Still not convinced? Check them out at Tortoise & Blonde and better yet if you’re in the Austin area for SXSW check them out at the Austin Convention Center Booth A27-A33.
Tell em’ Dee sent ya!

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