New Moon Soundtrack Updates: St. Vincent Discusses Contributing


I, for one, do not understand what Twilight was doing when it enlisted indie superstars Thom Yorke, Grizzly Bear, Death Cab for Cutie, Beach House, Bon Iver, and St. Vincent to contribute to the New Moon soundtrack. I mean, I love those bands but don’t love them enough to be so enticed as to wedge myself between two groups of teenage girls wearing homemade “I love Robert Pattinson!” or “I’ll be your comatose Bella!” shirts. (Sidenote: I have like 18 vampire or bloodsucking puns that I could have put in there but I refrain.)

However, Annie Clark of St. Vincent recently spoke with Pitchfork to explain how her and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver’s duet, “Roslyn,” made it onto the New Moon soundtrack. She explains that the song was already being developed by Vernon. And after the two met at Bonnaroo, Clark supplied some creative input, and the two stripped the song to create a combined sound that Clark describes as, “strange, androgynous-it kind of like, coalesces into once voice and you’re going like, ‘Oh, what is that? Who is that?'”

Regardless of their respective associations with New Moon and the Twilight saga, the soundtrack is impressive, and I’m very curious to hear what these songs sound like. Do I need a topless Taylor Lautner transforming into a werewolf, set to a song by Grizzly Bear? No. Not really.

To read more about Annie Clark’s experience working on the soundtrack, click here.