The New Moon In Libra On October 6 Is Taking Over Your Relationships

The New Moon In Libra On October 6 Is Taking Over Your Relationships
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A sweet, sweet New Moon in Libra on October 6 is coming to light up your relationships! Romantic, professional and personal relationships may all be influenced for the better. This new moon will be supported by Mars, Mercury and Saturn, so get your intentions ready and make October magical!

As we start a new 28-day lunar cycle with the arrival of October’s New Moon in Libra, collaboration is in the air! This new moon is the first of autumn and marks the start of your journey through the second half of the astrological year. It’s now a time to hunker down, get cozy with loved ones and venture more deeply into ourselves. 

This new moon in particular provides us with the opportunity to begin new habits and rituals dedicated to understanding and deepening partnerships. What’s more, since so many planets are still retrograde (Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus), the call to look within for insight on advancing our connections with others is even more urgent. 

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury will all change direction in October.  Pluto is the first to move direct and starts this change on the day of the New Moon in Libra, providing us with the first of many boosts from the universe supporting anything we decide to start now.   

Libra energy is all about balance, so be sure you are giving and taking in equal measure.

Take some time to meditate on the goals you wish to manifest over the next six months. What relationships would you like to see healed?  What relationships are necessary for you to let go of to create room for ones that are more fulfilling? What elements of your relationships with others would you like to improve? What practices could you put into place to secure the foundation of these relationships? Is the balance of power within your relationships where it needs to be? And finally, how can communication be improved on your end?

These are all important questions for you to be asking at the onset of this new moonand only you and your higher self hold the answers! Light a candle for support and journal with the intention to discover these answers within.

Although all signs can benefit from this magical energy, Leo, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius and Sagittarius will resonate the most with this new moon. Your social energy is super high right now, so collaboration may bring the most amazing experiences. Remember that Libra energy is all about balance, though, so be sure you are giving and taking in equal measure.

Aries, Capricorn and Cancer might feel the need to adjust their perspectives to fully access this energy, but will find that an epiphany may arise, leading them to the changes they deeply desire. Be open-minded to all that approach you with a differing view. Notice if whatever comes up is coming from a place of love or a place of fear. If it’s love, accept it wholeheartedly. If it’s fear, dig in and allow yourself to face the fear so you can move into love.  

No matter your sign, you can expect that this Libra New Moon will provide you a chance to reflect on the magic of your relationships, which can only lead to healing. You are magical, loves. Spend this new moon tapping into the beauty you have within.

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