The New Moon In Libra On October 15 Affects These Signs The Most

The New Moon In Libra On October 15 Affects These Signs The Most
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The New Moon in Libra on October 15 will highlight our relationships, both romantic and business, and trust me, it will be spicy! This will be the second of three New Moon Supermoons in a row, the first of which occurred on September 17 and the last taking place on November 15.  A Supermoon is a new or full moon that occurs when the moon is within 90% of its closest approach to earth in its orbit, and being so close to the earth, it’s no wonder that we’ll be more sensitive to her energy than usual.

Of course, retrograding Mars will throw a little tension in the mix, pushing us to recall past personal victories and failures, so that we can find new ways to push forward. The key to thriving? Balance will be incredibly important if you want to make progressive strides this October new moon. You can do this!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s review what a new moon actually means, so that we can fully grasp how to use the energy of this potent October new moon for ourselves. Astronomically, a new moon occurs once every 28 days, when the Sun and the Moon are perfectly aligned with one another and the light from the moon is mostly hidden. This is the first lunar phase when daylight outshines earthlight, which dimly lights the moon, causing only a crescent of light to be visible to the naked eye.

From an astrological perspective, this is viewed as a monthly gift from the universe to initiate or take action on something new. Often, we find that we meet new people, start new relationships, begin new circumstances or create new habits for the two days surrounding a new moon. Most astrologers agree that planning to start new projects, habits or relationships under a new moon is a good call if you want to maximize the new moon’s full potential.

From an astrological perspective, this is viewed as a monthly gift from the universe.

With this new moon occurring in the relationship-oriented sign of Libra, we are pushed to explore new ways to approach our relationships, both romantic and in business. Libra energy is all about how we share ourselves with others, how we collaborate and develop relationships based on fairness and mutual understanding. On it’s own, a Libra new moon should generally be very pleasanthowever we have Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all adding some tension this time around.

The New Moon will be opposite of retrograding Mars, causing some tension around the pace at which we can move forward with plans to advance our new relationships. Mercury retrograde will further amplify this energy, pushing us to take a pause and find efficiencies in our daily life as well as uncover instances where we missed important details.With Mars retrograde, the goal is not about moving forward with new initiatives; instead, it encourages you to reignite what’s been left on the back burner and forgotten about. Know that striking just the right balance between your personal life and your relationships will be imperative to making any progress at all. 

At the same time, the new moon will also have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto sending some side-eye through a square aspect from the sign of Capricorn. This might deepen that feeling of wanting desperately to push forward, but feeling like an authority, societal or higher-power presence is making doing so very difficult.

Listenas tough as this new moon energy may be, remember that it’s not that the universe doesn’t want you to make progress or to push forward. This is simply a time during which self-reflection is paramount. We are being called to dig deeper and transform our relationships with authority and power, and start taking accountability for our contributions to society as a whole. Use this energy to reflect on your fears, your boundaries and how you can bring more balance to yourself and your relationships.

Use this new moon to reflect, revisit and plan for a brighter future.

All signs will be impacted by this Libra new moon, but the cardinal signsCapricorn, Libra, Aries and Cancerwill feel it most intensely. Capricorn, how are you standing in your power? Are you using it wisely, or are you welding it like a weapon? Are you stepping into it or are you shrinking from it?

Libra, what’s happening at home? Are you maintaining a healthy balance between your own self-interest and that of your loved ones? Are you putting others before yourself just to keep the peace, or are you doing the opposite? 

Aries, how far will you go for your career? Are you dedicating an appropriate amount of time to making moves, or are you overdoing it, neglecting everything else in your life? Your career does not define who you are as a person. It is only a small piece of you.

Finally, Cancer—are you taking time to ensure your own needs are met? Do you spend so much time tending to the needs of others that you end up neglecting your own?

While the above signs will be hit particularly hard, the entire zodiac will be impacted by the Libra new moon, so tread with caution and take care of yourself. Remember, balance is key! Use this new moon to reflect, revisit and plan for a brighter future.


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