The New Moon In Taurus On May 11 Is Coming For Your Sense Of Security

The New Moon In Taurus On May 11 Is Coming For Your Sense Of Security
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Get ready, earthlings, because on May 11th we will have a New Moon in Taurus that will be one part complicated and two parts magical! This Taurus New Moon will give us a chance to take some necessary steps towards deepening our sense of personal security and our commit to personal goals. Are you ready?

Each month’s New Moon signifies the birth of new ideas, initiatives and beginnings. This monthly occurrence happens when the Sun (which represents our ego, identity and sense of self) connects with the Moon (which represents our emotions, self care habits and feelings) in the sky. The birth of this new lunar cycle in the sign of Taurus will give us a chance to evaluate how we can create more stability and security in our lives. We will also be encouraged to commit to whatever we wish to manifest around those themes. 

With that said, this New Moon in Taurus on May 11th brings an opportunity for us to set intentions around personal security (what makes us comfortable, safe or grounded), our relationship with money and finally, our relationship with pleasure. Good questions to ask yourself as the new moon approaches include: When am I most comfortable, safe and grounded? How do I create this feeling for myself more consistently? How can I improve my relationship with abundance? How can I incorporate more pleasure in my life? Write down your answers to these questions and then write some intentions around them. Pen to paper is a really effective way to co-create with the universe during a new moon.

Pen to paper is a really effective way to co-create with the universe.

Although this New Moon has some glorious support from Neptune and Pluto, magnifying our ability to dream bigger and bolder, there is also a little tension. Saturn and Jupiter will be making a wide square to the Taurus New Moon potentially pushing us to be more flexible than we would like.

We cannot be too rigid or too loose with what we wish to manifest under this new moon. We have to set the intention, make a plan and then leave room for the universe to update or alter the plan a bit. Circumstances where there might be rules or limits we didn’t notice before may occur, but just remember there is always another way. Adjustment is just a part of this beautiful life journey!

Everyone will feel the energy of this potent New Moon in Taurus and can definitely make strides towards greater security in life, but Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius feel the energy the most. Taurus, this is your birthday new moon, so the world is your oyster! Make an intention and a plan that aligns with your deepest hopes and dreams.

Leo, your career is top of mind under this new moon—how can you find greater security in your career? Scorpio, how can you feel secure in your romantic relationships? And finally, Aquarius: Your home life is a priority, so think about ways your living situation needs to change so you are at your best.

Happy New Moon and most importantly, happy intention setting! The universe is waiting to hear from you.

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