When’s the Next New Moon? | New Moon Calendar 2019

Maggie Griswold
When’s the Next New Moon? | New Moon Calendar 2019

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Every January 1, we start a new calendar year, which gives us the feeling of a fresh start, a new beginning, a time to put everything in the past and move forward. Life doesn’t always align with the calendar year, though, and sometimes we just want some moments throughout the year to also start anew and get things in order. While a full moon during the lunar cycle represents completion, the new moon brings a, well, new beginning, which is why having the 2019 new moon calendar on hand can be a helpful way to keep track of these new lunar beginnings—and incorporate them into your own life.

The new moon happens once every month, meaning each new moon is in a different zodiac. Knowing when these new moons are happening and in which zodiac they occur can allow you to focus on small goals for the rest of the year. We may be through part of the year already, but with a new moon every month, it doesn’t matter when you start. If you want a new beginning, you can have one.

horoscope cancer Whens the Next New Moon? | New Moon Calendar 2019


New Moon on July 2 (Cancer Season)

Cancers are typically very intuitive, so take this new moon as an opportunity to check in with those around you (and yourself).

horoscope leo Whens the Next New Moon? | New Moon Calendar 2019


New Moon on July 31 (Leo Season)

Fire sign Leo is a natural leader and often courageous. Take this new moon to start leading the charge—whether it be in your own personal life, the workplace or in your relationships.



New Moon on August 30 (Virgo Season)

Take a note from practical and intelligent Virgos this new moon and work on things you’ve been avoiding (like your financial health or getting your schoolwork on track).



New Moon on September 28 (Libra Season)

Libras love harmony, so this new moon is a good time to look at your life and find ways to bring loved ones together or work out issues within your relationships.



New Moon on October 27 (Scorpio Season)

Scorpios love to make a statement, so the new moon on October 27 is a great time to try out a new bold look or plan a grand gesture for a loved one.



New Moon on November 26 (Sagittarius Season)

Take a note from the truth-telling nature of the Sagittarius and spend this new moon in a season of honesty. (Just be careful to avoid being too honest.)



New Moon December 25 (Capricorn Season)

Yes, this new moon is on Christmas, so take it the way a Capricorn would and use the holiday to set your mind to achieving your goals. The holidays come with a lot of baggage, but you can focus on this new beginning December 25.