The New Moon In Aries Asks That You Quit Self-Sabotaging, Thank You

The New Moon In Aries Asks That You Quit Self-Sabotaging, Thank You
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It’s time to celebrate our collective rebirth: The new moon on April 1, 2022 is the first of the astrological New Year. This opportunity for large-scale renewal (you deserve it!) occurs in the sign of Aries, bringing all the bold, fiery momentum you’ve been hoping for. With all planets direct, and in support, there might not be another time in a long while better than this new moon for you to make some serious progress. Read on for all the tips, tricks and info you need about this magical New Moon in Aries. 

Each month we are gifted with a window of time where our most closely held intentions can more easily flow through the ethers, to the heart of the universe. This is at the time when the night’s sky is at its darkest, and the moon’s light is hidden behind shadows. It is a time for us to imagine all that can be, and plant the seeds for our dreams to grow quietly, hidden in the darkness, while the universe conspires for them to come true. This time is a New Moon and *fortunately,* they happen once every 28 days, giving us a chance to take a monthly pause to co-create with all there is. 

April is no exception as it holds a powerful New Moon in Aries. As it’s our first new moon of the astro calendar, it’s infinitely more powerful than a regular new moon. With this lunar beginning, we’re not only setting the tone for the month of April, but for the rest of the year. Below, the meaning of the April 1 new moon and how to harness it to your advantage. 

The New Moon In Aries

This new moon in Aries marks a time for us to take action with courage, boldness and confidence. The lunar event asks—no, demands—that we reach into the pit of our stomachs and claim the power emanating there. 

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Use The New Moon in Aries To Speak Articulately

Supported by Mercury and Chiron, the new moon provides the gumption we may normally lack. We will be given the chance to understand what we need to heal from our past in order to march forward with vigor, and we’ll also be able to articulate these needs in deeper and more meaningful ways. 

With Saturn and Mars joining on the very same day, the energy suggests it is time to double down and truly commit to your goals. Saturn always wants you to take responsibility for where you are in life and where you want to be. Mars wants you to pursue your dreams with passion and ambition. Combined, there is a deep call for you to let go of any fears that may be sabotaging your progress and get on with it.

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For what would be the purpose of a dream that cannot be fulfilled? The universe does not operate that way, teasing us with potential we do not have. The only teasing comes when we cannot see our unrealized potential. The universe is always conspiring on our behalf, fueling our dreams, reminding us of the magic we have inside to turn them into reality, only if we can believe we can. 

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Let this New Moon in Aries remind you of your unrealized potential. Let it remind you that you, my love, can be or do anything you wish. It is time to trust that the universe has your back and ride this glorious energy of Aries and boldly step forward. Happy New Moon!

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