New Map Shows the Average Heel Height By State

Leah Bourne

Ever wonder how high heel preferences vary by state? Gilt answered that question, having its Principal Data Scientist investigate, and the answers are pretty surprising.

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Kansas, Nebraska and Maine are states where sensible heels rule, with averages between 1.80-1.97 inches. On the other end of the spectrum is Arkansas, Texas, and Florida, but no one loves high heels quite like women in Puerto Rico, where the average height is 2.87 inches.

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Photo: Gilt Groupe

New York ranked squarely in the middle, with the average heel height measuring 2.09 inches, which might be surprising given most of us imagine New York women teetering around in 5-inch Manolo Blahnik’s a la “Sex & the City,” but bear in mind that there’s more to New York state than Manhattan.

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Do your heel preferences align with those of the majority of the women in your state? Share in the comments!