How to Get a New Look: 8 Easy Ways To Shake Up Your Style

Meghan Blalock
How to Get a New Look: 8 Easy Ways To Shake Up Your Style
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Part of loving fashion is loving change. The nature of fashion is that it’s constantly evolving and growing; there are (at least) two seasons a year that designers constantly fill with new creations, and more if you count Resort and other special one-off collections. For many of us, this equates to a longing to change up our standard look—but that can be quite a challenge.

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The key is knowing where to start: identify what precisely is making you feel unsatisfied with your current look, and go from there. Is it your lack of color variation? Is it that you hide behind loud prints and patterns? Do your clothes not fit you well? Are you buying lots of cheap stuff instead of a few quality pieces? Ask yourself some basic questions, figure out what’s causing your discontent, and then you can proceed.

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Once you have an idea of what you’d like to change, click through the gallery above to get some quick, easy tips on how to shake up your style from there. The path to a newer, more stylish you is much less complicated than it seems!

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Check out 8 easy-breezy ways to embark on a fresh new look!

1. Step outside of your comfort zone.

The first step to making any change in your appearance is that you must step outside of your comfort zone. This means something different for each person; if you normally wear neutral hues, try adding a pop of color, like a bold trouser. If you gravitate toward tighter-fitting pieces, experiment with fall's oversized shapes. 

Image via Street Peeper

2. Get a brand new pair of shoes.

There are few ways as quick and as satisfying to add some oomph to your wardrobe than a new pair of shoes. If you're always in sneakers or flats, try going out one day a week in a pair of unique heels. Conversely, if you're sick of wearing sky-high shoes daily but still want to look chic, pick up some of the season's amazing pointed flats or block-heel loafers. 

Image via Vogue

3. Inject some color into your accessories

For most people, adopting a stylish wardrobe means sticking to classics: LBDs, jeans, basic black leather bags. But often, this leads you directly into a colorless rut. A quick and easy fix? Pick up a bold accessory to brighten up those staples A vibrant clutch is a great way to go, as are smaller additions like bracelets, earrings, or belts.

Image via Fashionologie

4. Clean out your closet.

Once you've made the conscious decision to leave your comfort zone, got yourself a brand new pair of shoes, and color-fied your accessories, the time has come to overhaul your clothing. You probably have items in there you haven't worn in years, so it's time to take them out, honor the time you spent together, and then place them gently but firmly into the giveaway pile. Need help? Check out our guide to cleaning out your closet in 5 simple steps

Image via Cosmopolitan UK

5. Stock your wardrobe with better fabrics.

you've freed up all that space in your closet, you can start
filling it up with newer, better things that will comprise the new you.
And one of the most crucial elements to better style is buying better fabrics. Think silk, chiffon, high-quality
denim, cashmere, and more. One caveat: though buying better fabrics seems simple, the impact on your wallet can swiftly
elevate. Yes, they're investment pieces, but start small: One or two items per season.

Image via Chic Wish

6. Invest in a quality handbag.

Next on the list now that you've got your new shoes and your good fabrics: a quality handbag. We're not saying you should go out and drop $3,000 on a Céline bag, but there are plenty of gorgeous lesser-priced real-leather or suede bags out there that'll last for seasons—and severely ramp up your style. After all, quality accessories really make a look. 

Image via We Heart It

7. Try shopping vintage.

Sticking with the theme of quality, there's no doubt that truly vintage clothing—constructed as far back as the 1920s and up until the 1990s—often has more craftsmanship behind it than your go-to contemporary retailers. In that way, vintage pieces add quality to your new look, but they also add character. Here are some expert tips on how to get started.

Image via Vintage Vault

8. Work with a stylist.

If all else fails, and you really feel that you need major help in coming up with a new look for yourself (or even if you just want a professional opinion), you can hire a stylist. June Ambrose (pictured), longtime stylist to people like Jay Z and Mariah Carey, is probably a little busy to take your appointment, but an easier and more approachable way to start is with a website like Keaton Row, which has a team of people who will hook you up with a stylist who will customize an online boutique just for you.

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