The Best New Jewelry Brands You Need to Discover Now

A woman’s jewelry says a lot about her personality, and has the power to make or break an outfit. Right now it’s particularly current to finish your look with fine, minimalist accessories, but that doesn’t mean you need to wear the same cookie-cutter, mass-produced pieces landing at some of the major jewelry brands.

Instead, be the first of your squad to step out in one of the new names in jewelry design who are really pushing the envelope with original collections–like the three here that we’re obsessing over right now.

Wanderlust & CO

Some pieces are made to be worn for a lifetime, while other pieces are only really supposed to see you through a season–Wanderlust & Co is the latter. Australian accessories designer, Jennifer Low, recognized this gap in the market for on-trend, affordable jewelry, and decided to deliver with a collection of earrings, ear cuffs, necklaces, cuffs, rings, and more under the name of Wanderlust & Co. Most pieces hover around the $50 mark, so you might even be able to afford two.

ear cuffFull Circle Gold Ear Cuff, $49; at Wanderlust & Co

Bel & Skar

Bel & Skar is a fresh, luxe New York-based line of minimalist bracelets, earrings, rings, and more by designer Bella Milbank. The collection’s heavy on using yellow gold and has a clever way of incorporating black and white pearls in the pieces. The collection is inspired by nature–specifically plants and bone structures.

new jewelry brandsStarburst Necklace, $650; at Bel & Scar


If you’re looking for investment-worthy jewelry that still feels edgy and on-trend, try Baylee Zwart‘s brand Azlee. Zwart drew on her work at Glamour and Allure and her time living in Guatemala for the debut Spring 2015 lineup. “Azlee takes a minimalist approach to design while capturing a worldly vibe with an effortless edge. Our client  lives completely in the moment. She’s humble, yet confident, and expects to be noticed,” Zwart explained of her first collection.

new jewelry labelLone Loop Earring 1.5″ 18K Yellow Gold With Diamond, $430; at Azlee