Google is Now Your New Favorite Bartender

Leah Bourne
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Chances are if you want to find out how to make a fancy-schmancy cocktail—say, a Moscow Mule—you Google it. Well, the search engine wants to make cocktailing that much easier with a new feature that provides step-by-step instructions for how to make cocktails, which come complete with specific ingredient instructions and recommended garnishes and drinkware.

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Here’s how it works: Say you want to make that Moscow Mule for a few of your friends one Friday night. Google it as you normally would, but instead of having to search around for a recipe, one will now automatically pop up as your first Google search result.

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The tool can also help you “feel like a pro when you’re ordering [drinks] out on the town,” Google spokeswoman Krisztina Radosavljevic-Szilagyi told NPR because it’s a quick way to find out what ingredients are actually in the cocktails you’re consuming.

Wondering what the most searched for cocktails are? Below the complete list.

Most Searched For Cocktails On Google in 2015

1. Moscow Mule
2. Margarita
3. Bloody Mary
4. Hot toddy
5. White Russian
6. Manhattan
7. Mojito
8. Whiskey sour
9. Sangria
10. Piña colada

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