New Frances Bean Cobain Photos Prove Her Model Prowess

New Frances Bean Cobain Photos Prove Her Model Prowess
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Two weeks ago, a series of portraits of Frances Bean Cobain by Hedi Slimane exploded the Internet, since so many folks (us included!) were freaking out about how grown up and drop-dead gorgeous Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s little girl had gotten. Also, the fact that she’s only 18 — she’ll be 19 on Thursday — and she’s already chain smoking and covered in tattoos was certainly intriguing. Now, a new series of photos byfine art photographerRocky Schenck have surfaced, showing a completely different side of the young artist.

While they’re still plenty moody, Frances Bean looks clean-cut and glamorous in these beautiful photos, almost like a pin-up girl. Schenck, who is one of Cobain’s favorite photographers and shot these images at her request,has a giant rock-and-roll portfolio already and has worked with music legends likeJoni Mitchell, Nick Cave, P.J. Harvey, and Stevie Nicks in the past.

Click through to see the images, and will someone get this girl a modeling contract already?!