Holiday Gifting 2013: 10 Stylish New Books To Give This Year

Holiday Gifting 2013: 10 Stylish New Books To Give This Year
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Fashion-forward people can be decidedly hard to shop for, no? Poring over endless options in endless department stores is way too big a task for most of us, especially if you’re looking to gift something small yet cool. The perfect solution? A stylish book.

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Glossy, colorful, chic coffee table reads are the style equivalent of a great pair of shoes—they’ll never go out of fashion, and look great with everything. What’s more, this past year has offered a slew of exciting new releases—from  Alexa Chung‘s new book packed with tips, photos, and sketches, to a Dior compendium that spans the glamorous 1950 through the 1960s—that are sure to delight even the hardest-to-please fashion fan.

Click through the gallery now and start shopping 10 stylish new books to give this year!

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For the street style fanatic: 
Street Fashion Photography by Dyanna Dawson and J.T. Tran


For the style-setter:
IT by Alexa Chung

For anyone who likes girls in bikinis:
Sports Illustrated: 50 Years of Beautiful

For the pop culture savant:
Dirty Dancing: A Celebration (25th Anniversary)

For the couture fanatic:
Dior Glamour: 1952-1962 by Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni and Mark Shaw

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