New and Eco-Friendly: Lush Sugar Scrubs

Samantha Blake

Incorporating an exfoliator into your bathing routine can help make shaving more effective, a self-tanner adhere more effectively, slough off dead skin cells and dirt, and invigorate and soft, radiant skin.

Lush takes away any extraneous packaging, so the product includes only the all-important eco-friendly characteristics. (That’s right…there’s no packaging.)

The green Sugar Scrub is vegan and contains fresh fennel and ginger root as cellulite-smoothers (can you say bathing suit worthy?), and moisturizing lavender oil.

The individual dome-shaped scrubber is meant to last one shower, but according to the Beauty Snob’s test, it will definitely last longer. Just make sure you wash your body off first, and don’t submerge the scrub in water (it will dissolve).

The snow white Sugar Babe scrub has an inner layer with a butter-like texture of pure extra virgin coconut oil for a one-two punch of scrubbing and smoothing. A ylang ylang flower and mimosa blossom scent leaves you flower-garden fresh.

Both scrubs use Fair Trade Certified sugar, meaning the farmers receive a fair price for their crop, making the sugar more naturally organic.

Lush Sugar Scrub, $4.95,