3 New Jean Brands Shaking up the Denim Industry

Whether you’re aching to try out the denim midi skirt trend, or simply want to invest in some baggy boyfriend jeans, there’s always a reason for testing new denim.

However, it’s because the style is such a staple that it can be so easy to get stuck shopping the same handful of big brands season after season, without giving a second thought as to what else might be out there. And let’s be honest, do you really want to be wearing the same style as everyone else? Didn’t think so.

Have no fear–we found three fresh, new denim brands, and spoke to the entrepreneurs behind the labels to find out what sets them apart–and, more importantly, where you can buy them.

talley jeans

Photo: Talley

1. Talley

Founder: Benjamin Talley Smith.

When did you launch? Talley launched in November 2014. I’ve been very involved in the day-to-day process of making jeans since I was in college, so the concept seemed natural to me. Everyone is always surprised when they find out exactly what goes into making a pair of jeans, so I thought it would be interesting to show that process to the end consumer.

What differentiates you from other denim brands? We are an online-only brand focusing on transparency in manufacturing. We engage the customer by sending them email updates every step of the way while there jean is being made.

Every jean is made in the USA and comes with a certificate of birth explaining when it was made, where and more fun facts. All the jeans are produced in Los Angeles in one of my favorite factories. The actual technicians and sewers that made the first samples also make the customer orders. Everyone involved in the process really takes pride in the product from start to finish.

All our fabric is from the U.S.A. and Turkey, including two mills that I’ve worked with for years and I really love their product. I would say both are the best in the industry.

What were you doing before launching the label? I’ve been the designer for many of the influential brands in the denim market including Earnest Sewn, Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang and Helmut Lang.

Talley is actually the 15th brand that I’ve designed, so I felt it was time to do something that represented my vision and had my name on it.

Where are your pieces stockedWe are an online-only brand but have had a pop up retail shop in both New York and Los Angeles where people could try on the jeans and shop past and current seasons product. 

What’s your most popular-selling piece? For women we have two, it’s our black ankle skinny “Reid” as well as our 100% cotton high rise slim “Lola,” which is exciting as it has no stretch and has a great authentic look to it. For men it’s our slim fit in “Jeager” jean. 

bluer denim

Photo: Bluer Denim

2. Bluer Denim

Founder: Jeff Shafer.

When did you launch? We launched on Kickstarter and founded July 4, 2013.

What differentiates your denim brand from other brands? We are 100% transparently made in USA. We offer a “buy one, give one” philanthropic incentive where we give customers cash for jeans traded in and then give them to people in need.

What were you doing before launching the label? Agave Denim.

Where are your pieces stocked? Online and at Bluer Than Indigo in Portland Oregon.

What’s your most popular-selling piece? Men’s Cone White Oak Selvage in Slim Cut Straight Leg and our Women’s Cone White Oak Selvage in Boyfriend.

new denim brands

Photo: RE/DONE


Founders: Jamie Maxur and Sean Barron.

When did you launch? July 28, 2014.

What differentiates your denim brand from other brands? We aren’t just another denim brand making the same stretchy skinny jean as everyone else. We are a movement to make heritage brands relevant, towards ethical fashion and to restore individuality to the luxury fashion space.

What were you doing before launching the label? (Sean:) I have been in the contemporary fashion space for over 20 years. Before this I started the brands Joie and Katayone Adeli. (Jamie:) I had a business called Underground Denim, we sold denim on college campuses. I’ve always been really passionate about denim.

Where are your pieces stocked? You can find RE/DONE on our website. Our domestic retail partner is Barneys New York. Then, we are also in a few of best stores internationally including Colette, Selfridges, Ron Herman Japan and Lane Crawford.

What’s your most popular-selling piece? The High Rise! We can’t keep it in stock.

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